About Us

Who Is Outfox?


We understand the internet, which means we know it wasn't built to handle the challenges of today's modern world. We know, because we've been there since the start. Our founders believe everyone should have access to the best internet experience possible, and we've been investing heavily in smart and innovative people to make this vision a reality for the past 20 years. With the introduction of Outfox, we're zeroing in to optimize internet connections for another audience – gamers.

Since the beginning, we've focused on offering exceptional services, fighting for consumer rights and being transparent every step of the way. We strive to bring technology to everyone – not just stuffy corporations or the technical elite - by offering tools that enable people to take control. Our founders, Ron and Carolyn, have created many businesses - from Texas.net (one of the first 50 ISPs in the US) to Giganews (the world's leading Usenet provider), Data Foundry (data center colocation and managed services) and Golden Frog (maker of the world's most powerful VPN, VyprVPN). Now, they're beyond thrilled to introduce Outfox to stabilize your connection and improve gaming performance.

Why Did We Create Outfox?


The internet was made for the 90s. And, like many things made for the 90s, some elements of the internet simply don't meet today's demands - especially when it comes to gaming. We created Outfox to rectify this issue and offer internet users control. We believe everyone should have the tools to improve their experience doing whatever they love online, including gaming.

What's Important To Us?



We have always believed in delivering internet services that weren't otherwise available to everyday users. Outfox is our latest evolution, bringing consumers network optimization technology that was previously only available to largest internet companies.

Outfox promotes empowerment through offering consumers network optimization technology that used to only be available to big internet companies.


Being good is not enough, so we're continually optimizing to outdo the competition. We hire the best in the industry, and we're smart and creative. With over 20 years of experience, we built and manage our network from the ground up and are always working to make our network faster.

Outfox outdoes the competition through intelligent technology and a skilled team of professionals.


Whether asking for feedback on our products, offering customer support, or hanging out in the community, we make it easy to talk with us. We realize we need our customers’ help to build the product they want, so we want to make it easy to get in touch.

Outfox encourages engagement, asking for feedback on our product at all times.


Your trust is important, and it drives everything we do. From how our products work to how we talk to you, we're completely transparent. This applies to Outfox, too. We’ll always show you exactly what we’re doing for your connection, and even admit outright when we aren’t the best choice.

We value your trust, that's why we are very transparent with our customers about Outfox and the features we push.

The Faces Behind the Fox


We’re passionate about the internet – and gaming, of course. 

Sunday Yokubaitis

Sunday Yokubaitis


Sunday guides Outfox’s global strategy and vision. He’s thrilled to work with a bright team that's committed to delivering the best gaming performance possible, while remaining transparent and trustworthy along the way. As an Internet expert and avid gamer, he’s excited to combine his expertise with the introduction of Outfox. 

Favorite Game: Rocket League

Chris Marsh

Chris Marsh


Chris is responsible for Outfox’s global operations and manages all systems, servers and networks. Chris oversees Outfox’s global data centers and is responsible for monitoring of the company's systems and service levels.

Favorite Games: GTA, Forza, Call of Duty, and Rocket League

Michael Douglass

Michael Douglass


Michael leads the software development teams that build Outfox’s network services, and has worked at Internet companies for the entirety of his 20+ year career. Michael believes in offering exceptional network services to users around the world, and in everyone’s right to accessing the best Internet experience possible no matter if they’re browsing or gaming. 

Favorite Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Come find me on The Shadowlands in the Revan's Legacy guild!

Phillip Molter

Phillip Molter


Philip drives technology development and decisions for Outfox, and has over 20 years of experience working with Internet providers to provide fast, reliable services. Philip focuses on designing the ways that Outfox can find the fastest routes, and works on new technologies to allow Outfox to scale as we build out the network.

Favorite Game: Gears of War 3 & 4