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 We’ve sorted through the top 5 games to stream on Twitch in 2021 while we’re all staying at home.

5 New Games to Stream on Twitch

Ah, the new year. Things seem fresh, full of possibility and dare we say it hopeful. No matter what happens in the real world, we know one thing for sure: it’s going to be a good year to stream some Twitch. Whether you’re into comedy, creepy stuff or just want to see some great combat, 2021 is shaping up to be one for the books. 

Why is Twitch Streaming so Popular Right Now?

2020 was definitely the year that Twitch went mainstream, likely due to the fact that even more big names are popping up on the popular streaming platform. Ninja got a heady New York Times profile written about him, the kind that they usually reserve for pop stars or up-and-coming world changers. That added press coverage definitely helped legitimize the streaming platform with a ton of new viewers and businesses. Speaking of world-changers, like her or hate her, AOC even got in the mix when she discussed policy while playing Among Us with a bunch of celebrity friends.  

So, is it the names or the games that make a stream popular? Well, it seems to be a combination of both. That said, there are a few games that just seem to lend themselves better to the streaming format. Here are our top five picks for the best NEW games to stream in 2021.  

5 Games to Stream in 2021 

Rust Will Continue its Streaming Domination 

OK, so we cheated a little -- Rust has been out for a while. The survival game came out in 2018. It’s even been popular on streamers for several months since it got a huge boost at the end of 2020. This was due to Offline TV heavily promoting its celeb-infused Rust server. The scavenging/survival game has players trying to survive realistically out in the wild. 

This isn’t your average Minecraft-inspired crafting game though. In addition to a health bar, you also have calories and radiation stats to worry about. Letting one of these bars get too out of whack is a recipe for disaster. Turns out those disasters are extremely fun for other folks to watch. Popular streamers like hJune and Posty have had over 20,000 people watching them at once during their peak viewership. With a second server just added, we see that trend continuing in 2021 -- even if the game is a little long in the tooth. 

Red Dead Online: The New GTA? 

Now that there’s a standalone version of Red Dead Online to try, this one could be the heir apparent to GTA, which has had a stranglehold on Twitch streams for what feels like decades. The open world, do-anything approach has worked great for GTA and its streamers, but it remains to be seen if that will translate to a wild west setting. That said, we think the beautiful graphics, play style and large audience give Red Dead Online a huge shot at being a success in 2021.  

Halo Infinite: Always Bet on a FPS 

Whether it’s Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex: Legends, or Counter-Strike there’s no denying the power of the first-person-shooter. FPS gameplay is so streamable because it’s fast-paced, exciting and an outcome can change in a second. That’s definitely true for Halo Infinite, the newest entry in the long-running series by Bungie. Why do we think Halo Infinite is going to have a year? It’s backed by a big publisher, has great IP to pull from and just looks, well, fun! There’s some concern that its lack of battle royale means it might not be as streamable as others on this list, but we love that it’s free-to-play in multiplayer.  

Project Winter is Like Among Us, but Better 

There are some games that just beg to be played in multiplayer. Project Winter is definitely one of those games. Playing as one of eight people, your basic goal is to get your group through a winter in the wilderness together. There are elements of crafting, combat and resource gathering, but the addition of social deception (there is at least one traitor in every group) makes this feel like an even more impressive version of Among Us. We can imagine this making the leap in 2021.

Fallout 76 Mounts a 2021 Comeback 

There’s no denying that Fallout 76 had a rocky start. The latest entry from Bethesda Online had numerous bugs, and critics were quick to jump on its uninspired atmosphere and storytelling. That said, it has a great crafting system, a genuinely good sense of humor and a vibrant community. All those things bode well for the future of it on streaming platforms. We’d be surprised if it didn’t have a big 2021! 

There you have it. 5 games we like watching on Twitch here at Outfox. But what about you? What games do you like to stream on Twitch? What are you excited about this year?