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 Outfox Handles Your Traffic the Smart Way with Clever Routing

Outfox Handles Your Traffic The Smart Way With Clever Routing

Since the beginning, Outfox has been working hard to bring you the best path to the game server from wherever you are, taking into account network congestion and other factors along the way. Now, we're excited to share our latest feature to ensure your speeds are as fast as possible - Clever Routing.

What is Clever Routing?

Some Outfox server locations have multiple entry carriers, meaning multiple broadband providers operate from the site where the server is located. At some of these sites, we enter agreements with multiple broadband providers (rather than just one). This allows us to send Outfox traffic over multiple networks as opposed to a single network (if we only partnered with a single provider). This means at these Clever Routing-supported sites we have even greater choice about how to handle your traffic; we look at network speed of all the providers we work with and then determine of those providers, which is fastest at your precise time of connection.

Going back to our "Waze for the Internet" example, think of it this way: If Outfox is the toll road (or fastest route available, determined by checking all the server location options), then Clever Routing is the fastest moving lane on that road. By using Outfox you already found the quickest path, and with Clever Routing we automatically determine on that path which specific "lane" (or provider) is moving the fastest.

Clever Routing is like having additional server locations in that it offers more choice. For example, at one geographic site we may have 3 providers, so that site is in effect like 3 sites (provides three options for your traffic rather than just one). When you combine this with our already large and ever growing network of servers, you can see we're afforded a great deal of choice in how we route your traffic - meaning you are able to improve a great deal more.

What Does Clever Routing Mean for You?

  • More Options: Multiple broadband carriers means we have more options for how to route your traffic and manage your connection.
  • Better Decision Making: More options means better decision making. We can select from a great number of locations and providers running through these locations, meaning we can make an informed decision based on the data and identify and send your traffic over the best route, rather than getting whatever your ISP (or a single ISP) dictate.
  • Increased Chance of Improvement: The capability to go over multiple carriers provides the best possible benefits for your conneciton. More options and better decisions mean we're able to improve your connection - and performance - more frequently and effectively than the competition!

How Can You Take Advantage of Clever Routing?

  1. Sign up for an Outfox account: Outfox is the only optimized gaming network to offer this feature, so signing up is key.
  2. Use Fastest Server: We automatically test connections through all our sites with Fastest Server, including through sites that include Clever Routing. As response times change over day or hour and may vary by provider, using this automatic option is always your best bet to get the absolute best performance.