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 How Outfox Overthrows Fortnite Lag

How Outfox Improves Fortnite Performance and Speed

Fortnite is on fire. With over $100 million in monthly revenue in February and $200 million in March, it’s safe to say the reasons behind the success of this free-to-play battle royale game are no mystery. Its accessibility and whimsy make for lively competition across the world. But, because all network connections are not created equal, some players have to fight against an Internet that wasn’t really built for gamers in addition to fighting other players for the coveted top spot.

We broke down the data to see just how well Outfox improves user experience while playing Fortnite, and the numbers are fantastic! Our Fortnite users have seen marked improvement while Outfox is active. The top three regions for players were Asia, South America, and North America.

Check out the official details below, then see how Outfox also defeats PUBG lag and League of Legends lag. Start a free Outfox trial today and experience the difference yourself!