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 Gift Ideas for Gamers

Gift Ideas for Gamers

By: Leala Ulrich, Community Manager 

The holiday season is in full swing and the time to shop for those last minute gifts is drawing to a close. If you are in the market for gift suggestions for a gamer friend, family member or coworker in your life, you are in the right place. I've got some awesome ideas for presents to get the gamer who already has it all. 


Unique & Custom Gifts

In my opinion, making or purchasing a customized gift is always ideal. Even if you aren't crafty, Etsy is full of awesome and affordable goodies that gamers will love, like enamel pins, patches, 3D printed props, and art. If you already know their favorite game or character, just drop it in the search bar, sort by your budget and you'll be surprised by all of the amazing choices. And it's always nice to support independent artists when shopping online. Below are some awesome finds for PC gaming fans.

Subscription Gifts

For the gift that keeps on giving, a subscription service is a great choice for gamers. Subscription services have so many options these days you can get nearly anything including toys, games, clothes, and more. If you are thinking of giving a subscription gift, here are some great options.


PC Accessory Gifts

The PC gamer in your life may already have an awesome rig, but that doesn't mean there aren't fun gift options to make it even better. Computer accessories are both fun and functional and always make great gifts for gamers. 

Digital Gifts

If you are short on time, a digital gift for gamers is a good bet. Everyone loves a bit of Steam cash or a gift card for their favorite online game. And you can often buy these online for email delivery or digital download so you don't even have to go to the store. If you've been wanting a friend to join you in your favorite game, now is a great time to purchase it for them so that you can play together. 


I hope these suggestions help your shopping adventures for the gamers on your holiday gift list. If you know someone's favorite game, you are already halfway to finding a great gift they are sure to love (and doesn't break the bank). Just be creative, and always remember that while gifts are great, it's the thought that really counts. Happy holidays!