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 View Jitter and Packet Loss In-App

Outfox 1.2: View Jitter and Packet Loss In-App With Our Latest Update

Here at Outfox, we want to empower gamers with the ability to take advantage of the best online gaming performance possible. We initially focused on showing how the Outfox connection can impact a user's latency to their favorite online games. However, latency isn't the only measure that can determine a stable, fast connection to a gaming server.

Gamers want fast connections to game servers to help improve action and reaction times, reduce lag, and gain the best advantage possible in competitive play. However, a connection that is faster but more unstable could be even more detrimental to gameplay, causing missed frames, rubber-banding, desync, and even disconnections from the game. We wanted to emphasize the importance of a stable connection by adding two additional network metrics to the application: jitter and packet loss.

What Is Jitter?

In online gaming, jitter is defined as the rate at which ping changes over a certain time. A connection with a higher rate of jitter can cause unpredictability in your connection and your gameplay. Often times, gamers will seek a connection that has a solid and stable ping, even if the ping is slightly higher, so that in competitive play they can gauge their in-game decisions with predictability. This is especially important in games with a high twitch factor, such as player encounters in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or in team fights in League of Legends. The lower the jitter value for the connection, the better.

What is Packet Loss?

Packet loss is a measurement of how many packets are dropped between the client (the gamer) and the destination (the game server). A high packet loss indicates a connection that is not stable and can cause many issues in online gaming, such as skipping and rubber-banding issues, and even disconnections to the game server if the packet loss rate is high enough. Competitive gamers will want to use a connection that does not exhibit any packet loss to their game servers.

New Network Stats: Where To Find Them and What They Mean

As previously discussed, at Outfox we use a real-world networking perspective to look at ping when considering the best Outfox connection for users. We wanted to communicate to users that we believe that the stability of the connection is just as important as the speed, which is why we added jitter and packet loss values in the application as part of our latest release.

Our packet loss measurement is shown as a percentage-based value across the entirety of the session. A packet loss event is indicated by a red dot on the Outfox Session Graph. This indicates that either there was direct packet loss indicating a connection that is not stable, or we had the inability to get a ping value back from the destination. Our packet loss does not measure UDP packet loss, which is more impactful to actual gameplay sessions. As such, we advise to use the packet loss measurement as a general indication of stability rather than real-world gaming packet loss, since you may see indicators of packet loss that do not impact your gaming session. Our jitter measurement is shown as a latency value which indicates the standard deviation of the ping. In a live session, this is a bleeding-edge measurement across the last 4 ping measurements that were made. In the end-of-session screen, this is shown as a value of standard deviation across the entire Outfox gaming session. We believe that by making these values visible, Outfox gamers can understand even more about their connection to the gaming servers, while also viewing the value that Outfox's optimized gaming network can provide them. The goal is to empower users with this information to give them the best connection and optimized gaming network out there!

In Conclusion

To wrap up, we're excited about the addition of new network statistics to the Outfox application. We introduced these statistics in order to give users even more insight to their online gaming connections, and empower gamers with better tools to make choices about their connection. We want to emphasize that Outfox knows that a fast connection is only really valuable if that connection is also stable. In the future, we hope to give gamers even more tools to hook into our premier optimized gaming network and take advantage of the fastest, most stable connection while playing their favorite online games! 

We also want to note that we know the Internet at large can be a cruel, unjust place for online gaming servers. If you see high packet loss or jitter values for your connection through Outfox, please don't hesitate to contact our support team so we can investigate.