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 Meet DevOps

Meet the Team - DevOps

Transparency and community engagement are core values for Outfox, and we're excited to introduce you to some of the hardworking members of the Outfox team! These are the folks behind the scenes here every day making sure that we provide the best, most optimized gaming network available. Get to know them a little better in our series, Meet the Team.

This time we asked Raf Fernandez, Bryan Tolentino, Chu Song and Steve Hyden about their endeavors with Outfox!

What does DevOps (Development and Operation) do behind the scenes?

Raf: DevOps does a lot of everything – we're the bridge that unites all other things. Our overall job description is to reduce technical debt and bring in new technology to see how we can improve the company. We also work to make the other teams' lives easier, by giving them tools to make their everyday work less painful. We work closely with everyone.

What's your typical workday like?

Raf: I built the pipelines that builds the backend infrastructure artifacts for Outfox, like putting all the puzzle pieces together. I also built the web CMS (content management system) pipeline to allow Marketing and DevOps to quickly deploy updates to the Outfox website (IE add new images and content)! I built the automation that deploys all of our back-end infrastructure, allowing SYSENG to quickly add a new Outfox server location site or update an existing site.

Bryan: I do lots of data analysis - I create reports on all the Outfox metrics, which help us drive decisions on the app. For example, we use data to decide if we want to add/remove server locations (and where to do so), to determine where we need to improve connectivity, and to create alerts to inform Ops when potential issues arise.

Chu: I am more involved in the architect of the Outfox backend, or how we configure our backend on a large scale so that customers can get the max performance from Outfox.

Steven: I check and maintain our improvement percentage and server location health and try to identify ways to improve Outfox user experience. I handle all Outfox sever deployments, based on need (identifying where in the world we may be able to improve people's connections, and based on customer feedback). I also handle all game support. After product identifies games to consider, I profile the games to validate their viability, then write the rules and configurations necessary to support the game. Then, I share the configuration and new release deployment with the rest of the DevOps team.

What's something you are most proud of in working on Outfox?

Raf: Making a product from nothing was fun! My input was heard and there was collaboration across the teams.

Bryan: All of the reports that I've done. I find seeing the network/game patterns interesting, as I can see what games are more popular than others in all parts of the world and I can also see the parts of the world where users are getting the max performance with the Outfox app.

Chu: The whole process of going from spitballing ideas for how Outfox was going to work, to having a worldwide data-driven deployment, was extremely satisfying.

Steven: Tie between writing all of the game rules in our new rules format for the 1.2 release, and provisioning and deploying our first ever mainland China location for gaming.

What are some of your favorite games, both past and present?

Raf: I'm not much of a gamer these days, I do like that I can spend time during my work day to "test" games though.

Bryan: Definitely League of Legends, I use to play this game religiously.

Chu: Factorio.

Steven: I'm not a good gamer (I'm a Linux guy). I love PUBG, but that is quickly being replaced by Escape from Tarkov (which Outfox now supports!).

It's the ingenious problem-solving abilities and foresight of our DevOps team that makes Outfox run so many games from so many locations. And they have plenty more tricks up their sleeves to better your experience with the application. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest updates and newest games!