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 Outfox PUBG

How Outfox Beats PUBG Lag

Since its release into early access in March 2017, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds soared to the top of the charts as one of the most popular games out today. The game sold millions of copies while still in early access on Steam and beat the record for concurrent players previously held by Dota 2. It also caught the eye of us at Outfox, due to the game's notorious server issues. While Outfox was still in beta, we got many requests to add PUBG to our lineup from Outfox testers looking to improve performance. After extensive testing, we were excited to add support for PUBG in July. Since the addition, it quickly grew to our second most popular game only behind League of Legends. 

We've continued to optimize Outfox for PUBG since launch, to help players in search of a way to monitor and improve their ping in the game. As a result of all the hard work of our DevOps team, our optimizations for PUBG paid off as the vast majority of users see an improvement when using our optimized gaming network. The game has a global audience, which is reflected in the performance improvement metrics we see with Outfox. The infographic below shows some of the highlights from Outfox data during the months of October and November 2017. 


Stories from the Battlegrounds

The results speak for themselves, but you don't just have to take our word (and numbers) for it – many Outfox users have shared their screenshots and stories of how an improved connection literally saved their lives in PUBG. This harrowing tale from streamer DrnkonShdws really highlights the need for a fast and stable connection in those tense moments of a match. 

"So when playing PUBG there was that annoying network lag that pops up and freezes the game for everyone. I was in the bottom part of a two story building, hurt after being shot from someone in the upstairs shooting at me as I was running in. The network lag screen popped up but thanks to Outfox it was very brief. I was able to hit the meds key the moment it came back so I could get back to full health. After getting back to full health, I was able to rush upstairs and kill the person with the shotgun. When I closed the game I viewed the stats from Outfox and you could see where the lag occurred with the average dotted line of people not using Outfox. You could see the spikes with the connection. But the stats with Outfox were significantly less than the average. It allowed me to get back into the game quickly to heal and get the kill. So yes, Outfox LITERALLY saved my life in PUBG."

Another streamer and PUBG player, SgtNgo reached out to us with a story about how he found Outfox.

"One of the games I play is PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds. I compete in small tournaments. I was on twitter one day and one of the people that holds the tournaments tweeted, "Is your ping in PUBG, OP? Simmer it down with Outfox today." And they had a link to the website. So I clicked on it and read about what Outfox does and I have experienced de-sync, bullet lag and high ping in the past. Just last night when I was playing my standard ping was 65 but Outfox gave me a ping of 45. Sometimes Outfox gives me a ping of 25, which is amazing to have especially when you're practicing for a tournament. I have already suggested this program to numerous people who stream and play PUBG. Its an amazing product and I stand behind it."

We are proud of the performance improvements we've been able to give to PUBG players and will continue to optimize for the game worldwide. If you are looking for a solution to PUBG lag, sign up for Outfox and give it a try. It may make the difference between "winner winner chicken dinner" and a trip back to the lobby empty handed.