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 Outfox Transparency

Inside the Connection - Transparency

By: Philip Molter, Co-CTO -- We pride ourselves on being outright, honest and straightforward about everything we do. From how our product works, to who we are, to what we are doing we are straightforward - making us a brand you can trust (don't take our word for it, just look at how our app works) and you'll see we're all about Transparency.

Transparency and trust are among our core values as a company. From how our products work to how we communicate, there are no smoke and mirrors here. The proof is in our history with VyprVPN. Many VPN providers over-promise that their services provide "total anonymity" and "no logging" when these are unrealistic claims. Golden Frog is very open about how we operate our network, the level of privacy we provide and that we never sell your data for profit. These same principles guide how we've built Outfox.

Our goal with Outfox is to provide a more stable and faster connection for the gamers who use our network. In order to meet that goal, it's important we communicate clearly and openly with our users. Development for Outfox is a two-way street. We want to provide a service that meets the needs of our users, and we're willing to communicate throughout the process. During Outfox beta, many of our testers requested support for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We were happy to hop into the forum discussion and share how we have been working through the unique challenges of supporting the game. 

Nowhere is our commitment to transparency more apparent than in our innovative features including Fastest Server and the Session Graph. When you choose the Fastest Server option, our algorithm is smart enough to determine the fastest route to your game server and connect you accordingly. And unlike the competition, we choose the fastest connection from all options available, including your standard Internet connection. Outfox takes into account current network congestion and your location relative to the game server to determine the best path for performance. We measure our global optimized network of servers right alongside your standard connection to make sure we always deliver the fastest connection possible.

Right in the UI, you can clearly see your current ping and always know exactly what we are doing for your connection. In other gaming network programs, important choices aren't available to users. But with Outfox, we have your best interests (and best gaming performance) in mind. Without the option to see the speeds available from your standard connection, how do you really know that your connection is being improved by an app? You don't. And unlike other competitors, we own and maintain our reliable, worldwide server network. We aren't promising to rebuild the Internet, but we can provide a better way to connect to game servers through our network.

When you turn on Outfox before a gaming session, you can be confident that you'll always be using the best connection available. For many players, lag is a regular source of frustration, and we are proud to provide the solution for a better gaming experience. And for those who might not see a lower ping when using Outfox, we won't hide that information from you. With all the information at hand, the choice is always yours.