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 How we outfox the competition!

Outfox > WTFast and Haste - How We Outfox the Competition

When you load up your favorite competitive game, your goal is to rack up those scores, climb the ladder and outfox the competition. We know the feeling, because that's exactly what we set out to do when creating Outfox! Some of the other gaming optimization products on the market may not quite get you there but with Outfox, we've upped the game.

Easy & Seamless to Use

  • WTFast: Multiple steps to connect, must select game from list
  • Outfox: Automatic game detection and session start

We want the experience of optimizing your network connection with Outfox to be as seamless and unobtrusive as possible. When you are playing online, we understand that you want to focus on what's important - the game. Adding too many extra steps between you and that sweet, sweet POTG just makes it less fun. 

This is why Outfox has automatic game detection for all of our supported games. Just launch Outfox, start your game and enter a match to begin an optimized Outfox session. Unlike WTFast, you don't have to choose your game from a menu in the program or go through multiple steps to start playing. Not only does Outfox know when to connect, it will disconnect automatically after your match and show a report based on your average performance for that session. 

Trusted & Tested Game Support

  • WTFast: Unreliable and complicated game support
  • Haste: Supports one region for only 2 games
  • Outfox: Supports all regions for 14 games (and growing!)

When looking for a tool to optimize your connection and gaming experience, the most important aspect is the game. Does the product you are evaluating actually support the games you and your friends play? Most gamers don't just stick to one title, but like to try out lots of games online including new popular titles like PUBG. Because of this, extensive and quality game support is at the top of our priorities at Outfox.

Unlike Haste, which only supported two games and one region after beta, Outfox has global support for 14 games at launch with a catalog that is growing all the time. But wait, you say, "WTFast claims to support over 1000 online games!" 

But what does it mean to "support" a game, anyway? At Outfox, we aren't just adding titles to our lineup for the sake of having the longest list. Our Software Development and Product teams extensively research each game so that we understand each game's unique networking challenges. Once we are confident that Outfox can detect, and most importantly, improve the connection for that game, it is added to our supported games list. But support doesn't end there. Our Operations team is constantly looking at each game and finding ways to tweak and continually improve the connection and our Outfox network's performance. 

Transparency & Options

  • WTFast: No option to use standard connection if better
  • Haste: No information about your standard connection to compare
  • Outfox: Clearly see standard and Outfox connections in real-time graph

One of the features of Outfox that most sets us apart from the rest is our transparency and the options available to our users. There are many factors that go into network peformance that change by day, hour, region and game. Outfox exists to give gamers more options for control over their performance, and that means not taking any existing options away from you.

Programs like WTFast and Haste don't take into account your standard connection when you use them. This means that if at any moment they can't actually improve your performance, well, that's too bad - you may actually enjoy worse performance - and you'll be none the wiser. And how do you know if they are improving your ping if your standard connection information isn't included in the app, like in Haste, or is difficult to find, like in WTFast? You don't.  

At Outfox, we don't use smoke and mirrors. Everything you need to know is right there front and center in the UI. This includes the Outfox server location, Outfox ping and your standard connection speed, displayed side by side. You'll always know exactly what improvement Outfox is able to provide compared to your standard connection. And when you use our Fastest Server setting, you truly are connecting using the fastest network available, even if that's your standard connection. Yep, we are honest enough to show you when we aren't able to improve your connection for any given match. And the Session Graph shows a real-time update of your connections so you can see when those nasty ping spikes pop up and directly compare Outfox's network stability. Outfox is here to help gamers, and it shows in how we've built our application. 

Outfox set out to raise the bar for gaming network optimization, bringing gamers around the world a great option for improving performance. From creating a program that automatically connects with no extra steps, to providing extensive and quality game support with our global network, Outfox stands out from the crowd. If you are looking for ways to improve your gaming performance, the way to outfox the competition is clear.