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Outfox vs. Game Boosters - What's the Difference?

When looking for ways to improve your PC's gaming performance, there are many factors and options to consider. Many players turn to game booster software for a solution, but this may not always be the best answer. When looking at performance improvements, it's important to identify the problem areas and determine if a game booster works for you. Let's take a look at the differences between game boosters and Outfox.

What is a Game Booster?

Game booster software refers to programs that offer game performance enhancements on lower-end computers. They are usually an option for players who struggle with low framerate or FPS due to a weaker processor, graphics card or lack of sufficient RAM. FPS refers to the number of frames your monitor will display each second, and is affected by your computer's hardware and resource usage. 

One of the most well-known options available is Razer Cortex. This free program works to enhance game performance by suspending unnecessary background processes to free up memory and CPU power while gaming. Ideally, this will increase your FPS in game, but most players can expect the improvement to be minimal. Another program that works in a similar fashion is Wise Game Booster. It also closes taxing background process and optimizes your system settings for gaming. 

While these programs can be helpful for someone looking for a one-click solution to system optimization, many of the improvements provided can also be made without the software. Remembering to close background programs while gaming and regularly visiting the Task Manager to monitor CPU and memory usage can be just as effective. 

Gaming Network Booster

If poor connection quality and high ping when playing online are the culprits damaging your gaming performance, the previous game booster programs can't help. Latency or ping is the amount of time it takes for your game data to travel from your computer to the game server, and is affected by factors such as your ISP, location, game server location and network congestion.

Applications like Razer Cortex and Wise Game Booster aren't able to improve connection performance. Taking simple steps like using an Ethernet connection rather than WiFi and closing all background downloads while gaming are a great place to start improving speed. But if these measure aren't able to give you the performance boost you need, you'll want to try connecting to an optimized gaming network like Outfox

Outfox offers gaming performance enhancement on the network side by decreasing latency, lowering ping and providing a more stable internet connection. This offers a smoother FPS than the best game boosting software can provide, no matter the connection quality. When you connect to a game server using your standard internet connection, your ISP isn't working to ensure that you have the fastest connection possible. It may be routing your connection through congested networks or using indirect paths that cause your ping to skyrocket. 

Outfox, on the other hand, uses smart decision making to always choose the best path for your game data. By routing your connection through the Outfox optimized gaming network, you can often achieve a faster connection with less jitter and lower ping when playing games like PUBG or League of Legends

Outfox works by identifying traffic for supported games over known ports and establishing a UDP proxy through our Tier 1 network, specifically optimized for the game. You can then choose a specific server to connect to, using the Outfox options menu or choose the Fastest Server setting to choose the best connection automatically. 

FPS vs. Ping

Most game booster programs are focused solely on resource usage to help you get the best performance from your CPU and act as an FPS booster in games. But without an optimized gaming network like Outfox you won't be able to improve your connection performance while playing games online. Once you've determined the areas that need improvement, choosing the right solution is much easier.