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 Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Top 5 Overwatch Winter Wonderland Items for 2017

By: Leala Ulrich, Community Manager 

The re-vamped Winter Wonderland 2017 holiday event has come to Overwatch, and with it lots of shiny new goodies to collect. I started playing Overwatch at the beginning of this year, so I have a few of the items from last year's event including Mei's Santa skin and snowman emote. Along with all of the items from last year, the updated loot box has 7 new legendary skins, 1 new highlight intro for Reinhardt and a couple of new emotes. Compared to the Halloween and Uprising events, this may not seem like much, but my pocketbook (and OW coin bank) are happy. The previous events had so many amazing new items that there was no way I could get them all. Focusing in on a few "can't live without" event loot box items helps me prioritize what I really want from the event, so I know what to spend points on at the end. With that said, here's my list for the top 5 new items in the 2017 Winter Wonderland event, ranked from "want" to "need."

5. Bastion Avalanche Skin

While I don't play Bastion very often, I like to collect his skins because they include one of my favorite characters in the game - his bird pal Ganymede. In the new holiday skin, Ganymede takes the form of an adorable snowy owl. As a bit of a bird nerd, I love it! The rest of the skin is pretty great too. Its design is made to mimic a snowmobile, I believe, and Bastion himself gets an adorable winter hat with a poof ball on top. Such an adorable figure, you'll be sure to say "aww" as he rains down death and destruction onto your team from atop the payload. 

4. Sombra Rime Skin

Another character that I don't play often is Sombra, but her holiday skin this year is outstanding. The Rime skin makes her look like a mischievous ice elf from the future and I love it! The skin even gives both her monochromatic outfit and weapon a smokey particle effect that you don't see often in game. It's nice to see a very creative and unexpected take on the winter holiday theme like this in game. 

3. Casual Hanzo Skin

There seems to be a theme this year of all the amazing skins going to characters that I rarely play. If so, the Casual Hanzo skin takes the cake. I never play this character but I have to admit this is my favorite of all his skins so far, even if just for the man-bun alone. The only thing that could make it better is the presence of a Starbucks cup instead of the water bottle. 

2. Beachrat Junkrat Skin

Finally, an amazing skin for a character I actually love to play, Junkrat. When Jeff Kaplan mentioned that our favorite crew of Aussie misfits had holiday skins coming this update, I was intrigued but didn't know quite what they had in mind. But with Beachrat, they knocked it out of the park for me. The details on the skin are hilarious, from the rubber ducky floaty, single flip flop, visor and sunglasses, to the bit of white sunscreen on the nose. And if you look closely, he's got a ridiculous beach bum ponytail and tan (or sunburn) lines where his standard outfit and boot normally cover his leg and arms. This is such a clever way to handle the holiday theme for an Australian character, since those of us in North America often forget that the Christmas season is summertime down under.  


1. Orisa Puppy Emote

The winner of my pick for absolute best, must-have item from the 2017 Winter Wonderland loot box is the Orisa puppy emote. I mean, who doesn't want a puppy as a present? The animation for this emote is absolutely adorable. Orisa pulls out a gift box, opens it up and a cute little black and white puppy pops out. It then proceeds to jump around and bark before Orisa picks it up and gets a lick right on the face. I can just picture it now. My team is going to attack the objective while I stay behind in the spawn point and play with my puppy all match. How will anyone actually play the game when there's an adorable puppy to hang out with instead? 

Happy Overwatch Holidays

Holiday events in games are always a fun way to bring the holiday spirit into your hobbies, and Overwatch has done a great job this year. Not only are there these amazing items in the loot boxes, there are two new arcade modes. Mei's Snowball Offensive returns from last year and the new Yeti Hunter brawl puts you as either a single yeti boss, or one of six Mei's tasked with surviving being chased by a gigantic beast. Make sure to hop in game between December 12, 2017 and January 1, 2018 to participate in the Winter Wonderland event before it's gone.

What do you think? Do you agree with my top 5 list or do you have your eye on something else this year? Hop over to Twitter to let us know what you are excited for in Overwatch this holiday season.