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Ask Outfox - Highlights from our reddit AMA

Outfox recently held our first reddit AMA, hosted by our Co-CTOs Michael Douglass and Philip Molter. Transparency and open dialogue with our community are key to our core principals at Outfox, and we were excited for the opportunity to take your questions on reddit. 

Future Game Support

One of the recurring themes of discussion both in the AMA and on our forums is the future of Outfox game support. Everyone has a favorite game that they'd love to see in our lineup someday, and we aren't the exception. 

Q: "Plans for Destiny 2? A lot DDoSing on consoles due to the game being peer 2 peer. PC Release is a few days away." - Fuhzion

A: "We've had Destiny 2 on the roadmap for a long time. During our open beta period, we tried to get it out, but we saw performance problems with our solution. We're working on some changes to the service that will better handle games like Destiny 2. We would rather get it out right then just shove something bad out there, and we hope we can get these Outfox changes in before the first big content update." - Philip Molter, Outfox

Q: "Hello! i would love to try Outfox, I live in South-America and routing can be pretty rough sometimes, with high packet loss. In the list of games I see no World of Warcraft; any plans for that? Thanks!" - Spelorzi

A: We definitely have plans for World of Warcraft, and expanding into the MMO market further. We think that Outfox is the perfect compliment to MMO players, especially when resolving issues like packet loss, even down to squeezing in every last millisecond of global cooldowns that can get lost in poor latency. Outfox does currently have a technology constraint on getting most MMOs in because they commonly communicate over the TCP protocol, but we have a strategy for it and it is listed in our roadmap." - Michael Douglass, Outfox

Our Favorite Games

One of the best ways to get to know a gamer is through their favorite games, and redditors were interested in ours.

Q: "What was your favorite game as a kid?" - Chtorrr

A: "I may be dating myself here, but as a really young kid, I loved playing Contra -- hours and hours on that thing. Some of my best memories, though, were when I was just starting out with Texas.Net. As an ISP, we had big uplinks to the Internet, and we ran one of the best regarded Quake servers. We would sit in our offices late at night wailing on people from around the world, LAN local speeds and all. So much fun!" - Philip Molter, Outfox

A: "And I'll date myself as well, my favorite games lean more towards the RPG side of things -- Ultima III was my first true gaming love. Philip does, however, evoke a sense of nostalgia for our old days at Texas.net with our hours, and hours of Quake. Those were some incredible game play days. Didn't have much lag to worry about in those LAN only days!" - Michael Douglass, Outfox

Until Next Time

One question that we didn't have time to get to was an intriguing one from user ObviousThrowDown, "What's the difference between you and WTFast?" We are proud of the ways we set ourselves apart from our competitors and plan on discussing the topic in depth in a future blog coming soon.

Thanks for all of your questions for our first AMA. We look forward to hosting more in the future, so keep an eye out. And if you have any burning questions for us in the meantime, you can find us over on our forums