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Rocket League April 2018 Tournament - By the Numbers

Twenty-six teams fired up their engines and flexed their Rocket League dribbling skills in the second Outfox + Infinium Rocket League Tournament this month. Together with Smash.gg, we welcomed back a handful of returning competitors this tournament; including Predictable, Net Six and Chill, and whopping five teams from Sway esports. We were thrilled to see one of our partners, vVv Gaming, participate in the event this month as well.

One game that did not make the stream occurred in the quarter-finals between Future Reborn and 4head. In this face-off, two of three rounds went to overtime, one of which extended over eight minutes long. Talk about a hard-fought advance for Future Reborn!

Happy Day took out our former champs, Predictable, in their quarter final and joined We Kill Snakes for the first battle of our semi-finals. After the first score by We Kill Snakes, the teams felt evenly matched as they kept the ball in the center for a good chunk of the round until Happy Day scored. But Happy Day couldn’t hold off a We Kill Snakes victory as they kept the pressure on throughout, preventing a score which would have tied the last game and sent it into overtime.

Future Reborn vs. Sway Slate was a fast-paced semi-final with killer defense on both sides with back-and-forth scoring throughout the rounds. We witnessed some amazing shots, fantastic saves, and a couple of unexpected turns of luck. Similar to the previous semi-final, Future Reborn was seconds away from tying the last game and sending it into overtime, but Sway Slate denied the shot and locked in their spot in the finals as the clock ran out.

In what has been our most evenly matched final to date, We Kill Snakes took round one in epic fashion after nearly five minutes in overtime, then cemented round 2. But Sway wasn’t about to let the chips fall where they may. They forged a 0-0 game into a win in the next overtime. Eventually, We Kill Snakes took out the competition in a 3-1 game victory.

Congrats to Roll Dizz, mist, and Garenn on their well-earned victory!

As a bonus for our participants and viewers, we held a surprise giveaway of an AZIO Extended Mouse Mat, and selected a winner at random from our Twitch channel. If you missed the live stream, you can still check it out on the Outfox Twitch. Join the conversation on our community Discord and the Outfox forums!