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 Top Scary PC Games

Top 5 Scary PC Games of 2017

By: Cody Myhre, Software Engineer in Test  

With Halloween right around the corner, many of us here at Outfox love to fire up a scary game to get in the spirit. Lots of new horror games released this year, so I've made a list of picks for the best scares for your dollar. Power on your PC and turn down the light, it's time to go over our top 5 scariest games for 2017.

5. Little Nightmares

Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Horror 
Released: April 28, 2017

Little Nightmares makes you face some of your darkest childhood memories in the creepiest (and cutest) world you've ever seen. Play as Six in this solo adventure, and find your way through "The Maw" to locate an escape from the sick and mutated creatures that inhabit the ship. This game's unique and charming art style is only matched by its dark and creepy environment that keeps you playing and wanting to stop at the same time. 

4. Friday the 13th: The Game

Genre: Multiplayer, Survival Horror
Released: May 26, 2017

Have you ever wanted to be a camp counselor and prove your grit against Jason Voorhees himself? Better yet, what if you could be Jason and hunt your friends? With a unique twist on the survival horror genre, you play with and against your friends, in this bloody game of hide-and-seek. The developers, Gun Media, have done an outstanding job of making the game feel like you are really in a Friday the 13th movie with its film aesthetic and sound.

3. The Evil Within 2

Genre: Survival Horror
Released: October 13, 2017

In The Evil Within 2 you join detective Sebastian once more in his continued, tormented quest to save his daughter Lily. This game takes great influence from its survival horror predecessors, with third-person camera and crafting mechanics. However, the story is truly original, traversing "the Union" and facing some of the scariest creatures in the series yet.

2. Outlast 2 

Genre: Survival Horror
Released: April 25, 2017

You can never have too many creepy cults or jump scares in your Halloween games and Outlast 2 has no shortage of both. Play as Blake Langermann in his attempt to save his wife from the "Knoth," a group of cultists attempting to bring forth the Anti-Christ. Outlast 2 does a great job of providing moments of high tension and stress by making the player sneak and hide from the numerous murdering baddies.

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 

Genre: Survival Horror, FPS
Released: January 24, 2017

Welcome to Dulvey, Louisiana; population, you and your nightmares for the foreseeable future. Play as Ethan Winters in this first-person Horror survival, and survive the Baker family household. The thing that pushed Resident Evil 7 to the top of our list is the fact that it offers full support VR with PSVR, and will be coming to the other supported VR platforms in the future. Being able to literally go head first into this crazy and creepy world will keep you on your toes, and running in fear all night.


With so many great scary games released so far this year, you'll have no shortage of scares this Halloween. I personally, will be bundling up on the sofa with my favorite Halloween game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Whether you are a true horror die-hard or just a casual gaming fan, there is a horror game out there for us all.

Have fun and happy gaming!