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  3. With the new launch with Halo Reach on PC the severs tend to lagy to a point of being unplayable, adding halo reach would be huge help to those who have this problem. Its a very popular game and i think if it was compatible on here it would bring a lot more people to this app who are in need for a server helper, plz take this into consideration for the next game to be added
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  5. Hello, We'd be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Outfox and how it works! Outfox is designed to reduce in-game latency and increase connection stability by routing game traffic through our optimized gaming network. When the Outfox application is open it automatically identifies traffic for supported games over known ports and establishes a UDP proxy through our Tier 1 network specifically for the game. Gamers can then manually select a server and connect. To see the most benefit, we recommend selecting a server that is closest to you or closest to the region of the game server. You can also use the Fastest Server option to allow Outfox to automatically select the best server for you. Fastest Server selection is based on a technical evaluation including network congestion and ping time. The Fastest Server algorithm also considers the standard internet connection as an option. Unlike our competitors, we offer the option to use your standard connection if it's faster for a specific game than the Outfox network. This being said, the best way to know if Outfox is right for you is by signing up for the 14 day free trial. This way you can get some hands on experience with our software to ensure it suits your needs! Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!
  6. hi, I saw a few programs pop up as of recent which are meant to optimise your network for Gaming performance, 2 of the examples I was able to find are Outfox & Haste, I can't see this improving too much for myself specifically as I have always had good ping on EU servers, I'm playing PUBG specifically & tbh I haven't actually looked at my ping much in the resource monitor as I've only just realised you can do that, but the game feels like it has a lot of network issues, hit reg & interpolation for example, can anyone with extensive knowledge inform me on whether these programs are a gimmick or something that might actually be worth a try?reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker Thanks!
  7. +1 for MMOs to be added to the supported games list. Playing FFXIV From Multiple regions to the EU datacenter and have not found a decent VPN in a while.
  8. please add Mumbai Servers
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  10. Hola @ u20191175981 Lamento ver que estás experimentando este problema. Vaya al siguiente enlace para ver los pasos de solución de problemas: Saludos, Soporte de Outfox
  11. Hi Outfox, I like your program, but I just have one problem, Roblox isn't supported. Which is sad because it is a multiplayer game, and the game is online too! I have ping issues in Roblox, and in this game called Strucid and it kinda like Fortnite but in Roblox! And when i have ping issues in Roblox and people go through my walls and my edits are slow.. So I was wondering if you guys can add Roblox to the "games supported" list and I would love it if you guys add Roblox to the list. Thank you.
  12. Hi, Good Day! I would like to request if u can add RF Online to your games. As more players are need this kind of game optimizing mostly the other player on other countries. Looking forward to it. Thanks! Regards, Dhey
  13. Recién descargué el Outfox esperando a que me funcionara y vaya sorpresa me llevé cuando me sale que la conexión con el servidor no se ha logrado establecer, ya he reiniciado la computadora y finalizado el proceso manualmente desde el administrador de tareas. Adjunto imagen. Soy de Colombia/Huila/Neiva
  14. Could you add this game to Outfox please?. Website: US server, Aion had EU Server and KR, JP, RU ... server, but i request NA server first, thank you so much for read my request.
  15. Would love to see u adding ultima online on your list. website: Nice Software UI and UX btw. thanks!
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  17. This company hasn't updated their software per their release notes since 9/2018. I would recommend WTFast or Haste since this company is poorly organized and never updates/enhances their software it seems. 14+ months with no updates is unheard of by today's standards. I contacted Chat line and they had no idea what they were trying to say. This company scares me and seems like a money grab with no intention to make the product faster, better or support more games.... time to bring my business elsewhere. WTFast and Haste are doing updates 2-3 times a month to enhance their product.
  18. Please add Roblox
  19. So a few weeks ago I started replacing the non-updated assets for some of my games (covers, headers etc), and created a category for the games that needed covers. While I've been slowly creating\downloading assets for these games I've noticed that, in the meantime, other games in that category were updated by developers (recently the Commandos series got updates, for example). So assuming that the some developers are updating the assets over time, is there a way to check which games (that I've already provided custom assets for) had their assets updated without manually going through the library (removing custom covers and re-applying them)?
  20. I also would like to see GTA V added to the roster. It seems that my connection is pretty bat to the R* servers, probably around 100 ms if not more and with the last update blocked in my country a VPN would be double as useful. Too bad even if it gets added I probably won't be able to test it out, since my trial ends in 13 days and for now I'm not convinced based on the available games.
  21. I tested Haste and am now testing Outfox. Both tell me that they're improving my connection when the in game latency monitor doesn't really change, even looks like I get like +5 ms to it. Don't really know what to think about it yet. Have to try it for a little bit longer, maybe the connection is more stable - but from what I already saw the "connection problem icons" still appear with both of them.
  22. Hello @dtiberio5 We're sorry to hear you're having this issue. This isn't an issue we are aware of at all. Can we have you reach out to our support team with screenshots of what you're seeing so we can look into this further for you? You can contact our support by visiting Regards,
  23. when I run outfox, the window size keeps changing and it is almost always too small. I can't see the options or read what it says on screen. I only see have the graph I can't see anything. I see about half the window. why can't you just make it full screen, or resizable?
  24. i happy see outfox support Archeage Unchained will be so good for archeage player
  25. Welcome @aasimala02! We will be more than happy to assist you in getting OutFox to properly connect! To ensure we are on the same page, could you please post a screenshot of the 'Failed to connect to server' error and the OutFox client at the time of this error? Additionally, we find that when our gamers encounter issues with Outfox, simply uninstalling and reinstalling OutFox resolves a lot of issues! Looking forward to the screenshots so we can assist you further!
  26. OK, high guys, I was really excited to get this because I live in South Africa. My ping is really not good like on average day I have around 200 Png so I installed Outfox and when I switched on Overwatch and I put Outfox on fastest sever and on overwatch I put it on EU now my game server was on Paris Fr and Outfox server put it on Frankfurt Dr-2 then when I tried playing overwatch and it saId Failed to connect to server. As I said really looking forward so hoping you guys could fix it. Thanks again for creating an app that helps people who love gaming. Appreciate it
  27. I use outfox to play Fortnite and League of legends, but i also play BFV, Apex and Pubg, and i get high ping, like 150,, when i use outfox in fornite i go from 150 to 60, i wish that you guys could have these games too, it's so hard to play with high ping
  28. Up. Its already 1 and half year up. No reply, nothing new.. i would suggest you to make a custom setting, instead of adding all one by one games with the server locations as the opposite wt*ast has.
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