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  2. Hey Terrence, thanks for the guide link. Was looking out for same solutiion. Regards, Nasaka Smith
  3. Is there any update on the server numbers while doing so? Regards, Nasaka Smith
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  6. Hola, La notificación Outfox no utilizado indica que la red Outfox no se utilizó durante su sesión de juego. Cuando se utiliza la opción del servidor más rápido para conectarse, Outfox completa una evaluación técnica que analiza factores como la congestión de la red y el tiempo de ping. Luego determina si la red de Outfox o su conexión de Internet nativa es la más rápida. Si ve que se muestra Outfox no utilizado, esto significa que su conexión a Internet estándar era más rápida que la conexión de Outfox, por lo que no estaba conectado a nuestra red. Atentamente,
  7. Hola me descargue el programa, lo abri puse servidor rapido, todo bien. Cuando entro a una partida de league of legends, mi ping es de 200 o mas de ping. salgo y Outfox me dice que no se usa el programa, que mi internet es mas rápido que el programa. intente buscar los registros pero no pude.
  8. ¡Saludos! ¡Gracias por considerar Outfox! En este momento, Outfox es compatible con PC con Windows. No admitimos Mac o Linux en este momento, pero podemos considerar la compatibilidad con esas plataformas en el futuro.
  9. ¡Hola! Acabo de descargar Outfox, pero tengo un mac ¿Cómo podría usar outfox en mac?
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  11. Thanks for the info, as i was getting the same info on my citrix vdi, and i was not able to shook it off. So took help of their tech support team to take care of the issue.
  12. Hey! We're sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue! In order for us to get a better understanding of what's happening here, I'd like to have you reach out to our support team with your log files and a description of the issue so we can look into this further for you! You can email us at Here is how you find your log files:
  13. Thank's for your inquiry! Outfox is designed to reduce latency by taking your current connection provided by your ISP and checking the route in which your connection is routed to the game's server. Since Outfox has a network of servers all over the world, it then checks to see if it can provide a quicker route to the game server with less "hops" in-between you and the game server. If Outfox determines that your ISP's connection is quicker at that time or for that particular game, then your native connection will be used instead of Outfox's. Additionally, you can always sign up for a 14 day free trial to see if it suits your needs!
  14. Hello! Thank's for reaching out. Our team is currently considering new games to be added to Outfox. With this, we suggest posting your suggestions in the Feature & Game Requests section of the forum for them to see!
  15. So i see mainly the games added are competitive/popular but what about games like gta v, destiny 2 etc which use P2P networking where this could actually help more there to, i probably would use this program to test many of the games i play but it seems there are not many and not sure how fast you guys are at adding new games. Do you have any plans soon to add custom games like wtfast and others so we can use any game that you do not support? fedloan easybib
  16. Hey there! so where i live, my country has bad tunneling so its hard to really get good ping. I've downloaded the outfox trial to determine if it works, because VPNs are blocked here in egypt. Some of the servers do work, BUT the fastest one (NL) does not work and leads to me timing out before even joining a game. Is there any workaround for this?reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker Thank you!
  17. I saw a few programs pop up as of recent which are meant to optimise your network for Gaming performance, 2 of the examples I was able to find are Outfox & Haste, I can't see this improving too much for myself specifically as I have always had good ping on EU servers, I'm playing PUBG specifically & tbh I haven't actually looked at my ping much in the resource monitor as I've only just realised you can do that, but the game feels like it has a lot of network issues, hit reg & interpolation for example, can anyone with extensive knowledge inform me on whether these programs are a gimmick or something that might actually be worth a try? Thanks!
  18. Fortnite players: This doesnt top fortnite, this is just a copy of borderlands made into battle royale! Apex legends: * Gains more downloads than fortnite on first two days, some mayor fortnite streamers convert to apex legends, fortnite had under 100k viewers for the first time, apex legends had 300k *
  19. Hey @19georgemak35 Sorry to hear you are having trouble playing LoL with Outfox. I'd first like to address that you will most likely see a different in what is shown on our Outfox ping versus what you are seeing in the game. A more detailed explanation can be found here: When we gather network information to determine ping values, we are using raw ping data for your connection over our network. Sometimes, this will cause a discrepancy between the ping time you see with Outfox and the ping time you see in your game, as an example -100. In-game ping reports likely include additional factors such as latency overhead for server processing. Outfox pings are accurate to the network latency and do not include such factors. Now seeing -100% ping improvement on Outfox can happen when latency values aren't retrieved properly or if ICMP is blocked. It's possibly due to firewall or local network configuration issues. Please ensure your router isn't blocking any type of ICMP traffic, and your AV/Firewall software should not restrict that traffic. You might also need to disable router/software firewall temporarily to diagnose this. Should the issue persist or you have any other issues that arise, grab the log files and just send them to Thanks!
  21. good morning system creators Out fox my question is the following I have recommended this program for various games but there is one in specific that I am playing now and I see that this on your game list I do not know what the reason is but I wanted to know If in a next update you have in mind to place this game, it is called AION-FREE to PLAY for both the EU and NA community. I await your response.
  22. Hola, @epccarnicero ¡Gracias por contactar al soporte de Outfox! Parece que este juego no es compatible en este momento. Lo sentimos, pero esa es una gran sugerencia. ¡Siempre estamos agregando nuevos juegos y apreciamos su interés en llevar este juego a Outfox! Pasaremos esta solicitud a las personas adecuadas, y también puede publicar en nuestro foro de Outfox y nuestras páginas de Discord aquí: ¡Gracias nuevamente por su interés en Outfox y Golden Frog! Si tiene alguna otra pregunta o inquietud, háganoslo saber. Saludos,
  23. Solo juego a gears of war,merece la pena pagar 40€ al año? Alguien sabe de cuánto es la bajada de ping en gears 5?
  24. Hey nightwingfireanddice! Thanks for the update on the situation, may I suggest that you reinstall Outfox and see if the issue persist. If it does; we have exhausted all troubleshooting steps we can provide here on the forums, please contact our support team at Ker Blam, Johnny - Outfox CS L2
  25. I tried using different servers and fastest server option but I still got this error (can't upload image for some reason.). Same error that says I can't connect to ubisoft servers. I finally got it to work but it just gets errors so I can't play a match at all.
  26. Hello, I'd suggest using the fastest server option in order to get the lowest ping. That should provide you with the best results. If you have any other question, please contact our support team at Regards,
  27. Hello, I certainly understand your concerns in regards to the legitimacy of Outfox and similar services. We do offer a 14 day trial period which you can use to test Outfox , and see if it fits your needs. It is definitely worth testing it out. If that is something that you wish to do, you can do so at : If you have any other question, please contact our support team at Regards,
  28. Hello, Games that are not on our list of supported games will work. I'd suggest using the fastest server option in order to get the lowest ping. If you have any other question, please contact our support team at Regards, Outfox Support
  29. If you did, did it improve or degrade your stream connection quality? Do you recommend it? And how do you get it to work if you're not playing the games on their automatic list? I picked this up this morning and tried 2 games. I live in U.S. East. One game in US East saw no improvement over existing connection. One game in EU which had 1% improvement. Then I had to quit testing and go to work. Just wanted to spread awareness in case this could help anyone.
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