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  3. Es verdad deberían de regresarlo a como estaba antes!
  5. The Outfox Cyber Sale is going on now! Save $10 on a yearly plan when you sign up for Outfox today. To claim this offer, enter promo code CYBERSALE at checkout. In case it’s been a while since you’ve checked out Outfox, here’s a quick refresher! Outfox is an Optimized Gaming Network that helps you: Reduce Ping and Lower Lag Increase Speed In-Game Outperform the Competition to Win Outfox finds the fastest, most stable path available to your game’s server and routes your traffic there. This helps you increase speed, reduce ping, lag and jitter, and boost your performance overall. To claim our Cyber Week offer, enter promo code CYBERSALE at checkout.
  6. hi Please add pes 2021 game
  7. @crazyocod, sorry to hear Outfox has been slowing down your connection! Given you already have quite good internet connection, it does get a little more difficult at those speeds to consistently provide faster speeds. Using the fastest server option, you shouldn't experience slower speeds as Outfox should default to your internet connection if it is faster. However, looking at your first screenshot, it looks like what happened is that Outfox started out just barely faster, which is why Outfox went with using the Outfox connection rather than your standard one. This does happen on occasion but shouldn't be frequent. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong per se but my advice would be to continue using it with the fastest server option - Outfox calculates the speed to all the available server locations so you are much more likely to get a faster connection doing this rather than selecting a manual server. Unfortunately, there's no way to truly replicate the exact conditions of one game session because there are so many variables when it comes to ping. This is why we provide the 2 week trial so you can see if it works for you before committing. Let us know if you have any other questions!
  8. As the title suggests... using the fastest server option, Outfox reliably reports an "improvement" of sometimes up to a whole -100%... taking my average ping from 50-60 to 90-110. I have managed to get a reduction of about 30ms or so during a match on a East server, but I had temporarily attempted to select Dallas from the Outfox settings... I've been unable to replicate that benefit, all other matches have seemingly been in the negative according to Outfox. I have fiberoptic, but live in Oklahoma so my average to West is about 60ms while East is about 50ms. If I could get a consistent match like that one Outfox delivered me 25ms, that would be fantastic and I'd be happy to pay... however atm I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong.
  9. @villchur sorry to hear that! will send you a private message to see if we can resolve this.
  10. The first focus of our work is family doctor care and palliative care. In addition, sports medicine services, in particular diving medical precaution, are offered
  11. If you have installation media for Windows 8.1, start your computer from the installation media Insert the DVD or USB flash drive and restart your computer. If you see a message asking you to “Press any key to boot from DVD,” do so.
  12. Hello there, Unfortunately I've been getting more errors and the app has stopped working once again. The graph showed static connection and after closing the app it came up with an error. I'll try to send a ticket when I find the time like you suggested @Jes K In the meantime, here are two most recent screenshots of this issue before and after closing.
  13. I had the issue that on my new pc obligation at hand present day fighting would just haphazardly close MyCFAVisit.
  14. @villchur Thanks for providing that information! This appears to be a UI (user interface) bug in displaying the connection speed, rather than an indication that the service actually stopped. In most cases, if your connection is disrupted, you'd also experience a notification or interruption in the game, similar to the type of interruption you'd see if you turned your internet off and back on. I'll create a bug ticket for our dev team to review this and in the meantime, please let me know if you continue to experience this issue even after reinstalling.
  15. Like you can see on the screenshots. The graph shows both connections as flat lines. To me, that means the service stopped working cause of an error in the application. I continued playing normally, so don't know if I was still connected through Outfox servers or it reverted to the original route.
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  17. @villchur Thanks for your feedback! Glad to hear Outfox is working at least some of the time! If you contact our support team through email or chat (, they can look at your specific account details and walk you through getting log files to help troubleshoot the issue. One question I had that would be helpful for them as well - when you say it "flatlined", does that mean you were disconnected from your game? What happened in that situation?
  18. @manuelbrooks50 glad to hear it!!
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  20. Here's another session, this time on EU3. Flatlined again. Have to reinstall. I'm considering subscribing to the service, but if this keeps happening then I don't think I will commit. Can anyone give me information on a possible fix? Is the team working on this issue? EDIT: The app started working again after rebooting the system.
  21. Hello there, Here's my feedback. The app seems to be working some of the time. Sometimes, the service just stops working, most likely to the app bugging out. My first session was a -9% improvement over 1,5hours, after which the connection flatlined and I had to do a reinstall. I have two screenshots for the 2nd and 3rd session. On servers EU1 and EU2, the EU2 session flatlined again, luckily, just at the end of my playtime and I will have to reinstall again. I hope this service keeps growing, cause it shows potential and I will continue uploading my personal feedback and sharing my results if it helps.
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  24. This works really well for us, thank you! mcdvoice
  25. @dinojenifer2018 sorry to hear that! please reach out to our technical support team via email or chat ( and they will help you!
  26. @atomicninja62 Thanks for the suggestion! It's not currently on our list this year, but will definitely look into this for January!
  27. I have been playing genshin impact over the course of a month now, and sometimes the server ping gets well over 100ms would love to see outfox add this game to the list of supported games.
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