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  2. Hello @ExtremussPrime Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the service. If you wish to not troubleshoot, please contact our support team to have your account canceled: Thanks!
  3. Is there any way to remove payment method? Also, my account will expire in 3 months and I do not want to continue my subscription, since this software haven't helped me once, it made it worse actually. My doubt is if it will resubscribe automatically when my subscription ends.
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  7. Hey @zxdlaix, We are glad to read that Outfox is now working for you! If you ever have another issue with Outfox, don't hesitate to let us know. You can always reach our 24/7 Support Team at Best Regards, Samuel Outfox Customer Support Team Manager
  9. CAN YOU ADD DEKARON TO OUTFOX??? im sure many players there will subscribe to outfox if this will work. because they block wtfast there they searching for another good GPN like outfox! thanks
  10. TOC: An in-depth description of my experience Conclusion (skip to here for overall sentiment) Extra note Description: Hello, First off, I'd like to welcome you to my review of Outfox's service for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. As a whole, Outfox as an idea is fantastic and appears well developed, and if it weren't for my Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege experience using the service, I would recommend it to my other friends. My experience with Outfox for this game is less than acceptable, and the ranges for improvement vary wildly. The first time I played the game using Outfox, I had a -1% improvement, but I decided to continue to use the service because it was a negligible difference. On my second session using Outfox, I had an overall increase of +16%. I found that satisfactory and carried on using the service. The third time I used the service, I achieved a -93% improvement. -93%! This alone caused me to have a large number of connection issues, of course. I think it's worth noting that I have the "Fastest Server" option chosen as well. Over the next three sessions, I found -88%, -87%, and -89% improvements. After that string, I achieved another +5% improvement. Since that +5%, I haven't achieved any higher than -80% improvement (worse than my own connection). I find that the "Fastest Server" option is near worthless, and 10/10 times it chooses the Outfox connection. After I exit Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Outfox continues to log a play time for the game, even when it is not open, crowding other computer processes. Given the number of connection issues players have in this game, in particular, I still wouldn't recommend it to them given my personal experience with it. Conclusion: I would strongly advise against using this service for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege given its wildly varying effects. Note: I will be trying Outfox with a few other games to see if it works better for certain games.
  11. Hello @zxdlaix Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the installation. I am happy to assist you. Please follow these steps to resolve the error: 1. Click on your Windows start menu and type appwiz.cpl and open appwiz.cpl to launch Programs & Features. 2. Locate the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables and uninstall it. (Skip this step if you do not see a VC2015 file) 3. Reboot your computer. 4. Reinstall the redistributable files with the following links: Once you've installed the VC 2015 file, try reinstalling Outfox.
  12. buenas noches se presenta problema durante la instalaciĆ³n de Outfox en mi PC adjunto error.
  13. hey guys pls add black squad a steam game thx u <3
  14. I second this. I play FFXIV and would love for it to be included. In fact, the only reason I'm on here is to check if FFXIV is added or if you have any plans to add it any time soon, cause the rest of the games either doesn't interest me, or I already get good connection to them. That's not the case with FFXIV.
  15. It does not work with me in china connecting to the eu servers.
  16. Seconded. Without support for BF5 there's no reason for me to pay for the service, I already have VyprVpn.
  17. Hello! Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble uploading that. Could I have you instead then send us an email with that information on our support email at We look forward to your email so we can help out further!
  18. And yes fastest is on There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 OK i am unable to post the image?
  19. Hello @13md231002, I'm sorry to hear you're having this trouble with Outfox and we'd be happy to look at this with you! Could you provide us a screenshot of the Outfox window after your gaming session is complete showing the traffic graph along with the statistics like the -15% improvement you're seeing? Next I'd like to ask are you using the fastest server option? Looking forward to hearing back from you so we can help further!
  20. I have been using Outfox and after/during every sesson i look to see how much it is doing to improve my connection. However it appears that i am getting about -15% "improvement" is there a reason for this/ any way to fix this?
  21. plz in the future add roblox cuz i stream it and i would like it to be supported
  22. From what I gather. The software is supposed to stop the connection after the game session ends. So it attempts to find a new server once a match is over. It does this all the time for lets say Overwatch. And when a new match is found it finds a new close server to connect to again. However, it never does this for Smite. When you first launch Smite. It connects and finds a server. This is great. But once the match comes to an end it stays connected forever. Never ending the outfox session. It still thinks the match is playing, This is fine since it still corrects high pings for some locations you connect to. The problem occurs when after an hour has elapsed. The graph starts to bug out. Flickering and when you close the Smite game all together. If it gets to this flickering state. The Out Fox software will not close. Needs to be forced closed and then it will no longer re open. Becomes unusable until you restart the computer.
  23. Hello @gszero When we gather network information to determine ping values, we are using raw ping data for your connection over our network. Sometimes, this will cause a discrepancy between the ping time you see with Outfox and the ping time you see in your game. In-game ping reports likely include additional factors such as latency overhead for server processing. Outfox pings are accurate to the network latency and do not include such factors.
  24. So I have been using this for a bit now the trial so far. And it does work. But not as advertised nor as what is shown in the graph you provide. For example, I get an average ping of 80 in Overwatch. With Outfox I get an average of 58-63 very good improvement. Now that is great and all but Outfox in the app claims my ping is 34-42 and jumps between those numbers. This however is not the case at all. I wish I was getting the ping Outfox thinks I am getting but it is not. Is there a reason for this or am I reading this wrong? The main game I want this for is Smite. I get 85-110ms ping in there and with Outfox it drops to 70 and hovers around there. That is amazing but again. It says I am getting 45 ping. Not even close to whats being advertised to me.
  25. Hey there! I don't think we have Neverwinter on the roadmap currently but that could be a possibility in the future. Thanks for your interest!
  26. paypal

    Hey Rob, We have done some preliminary setup required for PayPal payments. Right now, we are working with our web team to implement PayPal into the payment flow with our payment processor but I don't have an ETA right now. Stay tuned!
  27. Some would appreciate that added the payment method by PayPal as it is also very comfortable and safe at the same time. Thank you.
  28. Can you support Neverwinter?
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