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  2. Add Apex Legends
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  4. I think apex legends it's going to be the most played game in 2019 and the game its pretty good right now has much more players than fortnite Will outfox support this game?
  5. Please add support for Battlefield 5 and Apex Legends..these two are really popular games right now and we would love if you expand your services
  6. Ola @carlosrutjesus Actualmente non admitimos campo de batalla 2. Pode solicitar soporte para Battlefield 2 nas nosas funcións e foro de solicitudes. Se tes algunha dúbida ou dúbida, avísanos.
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  8. Outfox funciona con battlefield 2?
  9. Thanks for the response. Well not necessarily support for connecting to ESEA servers, but maybe the implementation to set a custom game using a launcher as provided above? Would instantly have my $ if so! Look forward to the day you guy's can make that happen.
  10. Hello @johnfalcon2, Unfortunately we do not currently provide support for connecting to ESEA but it's possible we may add support in the future. Thank you for your understanding.
  11. Hello guys, So unfortunately I suffer from bad routing with my ISP (spectrum) to central CSGO servers. I play competitively on ESEA and noticed that outfox works when I connect to a server not using ESEA but as soon as I open my ESEA client and connect to a server, outfox doesn't work or do anything. Any work around for this? Outfox does seem to lower my ping to central servers when I just use the in game server browser in CSGO but I cannot get it to work when trying to connect to a server using the ESEA client. Any support plans / fix for this? Would love to subscribe if I could get this part of the program working! *UPDATE* So I downloaded a trial of wtfast to see if their program had the same issue. It did......BUT wtfast has the option to create a "custom game" with special launch perimeters. Tested it and what do you know? wtfast works with these settings! I have the game pointed at csgo.exe with the "run with launcher" set to my esea client. Work's 100 percent! just wtfast is so damn expensive I can't see myself spending $100.00 a year on it... Also in comparing non-esea servers outfox provides lower ping. Anyway getoutfox could implement something like this????
  12. Heya @kumar.darkmagenta I'm sorry to hear you've had this trouble with PUBG and Rainbow 6 Siege and we'd be happy to help out. Can you send us a copy of your log files to ? You can find the log files for your session at the following directory paths: %ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log %AppData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\OutfoxUI.log Open File Explorer (Win 8/10), also called Windows Explorer (Win 7). Click in the field at the top that displays what directory you are in. It is the longer field to the left of the Search bar. Enter the Outfox directory in this format: %ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox (Do this for both paths) Press Enter. Locate the Outfox.log and OutfoxUI.log files in their respective folders. Attach those to an email to us and we'll be able to help out further in this matter. If you have any other questions or concerns as well please let us know in your email.
  13. I have tested outfox with tow games PUBG and Rainbow 6 Siege. PUBG was running well with outfox yesterday. I m from North India and Outfox select Singapore SG-2 with the fastest way. PUBG:- Yesterday, PUBG was running smoothly with Outfox( Singapore SG-2) server and I was getting 120ms ping and I played 5 to 6 matches. now I m getting network lag detected in PUBG. it is like I lose connection and it never connects me to PUBG game session because or maybe PUBG works on IP address. so I never join same game room after network lag detected. Rainbow 6 Siege. every time outfox never connect me to a closet or faster game server. if I start R6S without outfox, I get to connect to R6S Singapore game server but when I start R6S with outfox and outfox select Singapore SG-2 as outfox server and it selects random R6S game server. outfox never select R6S Singapore server. I don't know why but plz look at this problem.
  14. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative.. 토토
  15. Hello, Outfox is only supported on 64-bit Windows 7 or newer. We do not currently support 32-bit systems. Regards,
  16. En Android como se descarga?
  17. ¡Hola! Póngase en contacto con nuestro equipo de asistencia para obtener más ayuda: Hello! Please contact our support team for further assistance:
  18. no puedo arrancar outfox porque me aparece esten problema service error y salgo y entro pero aparece el mismo error y lo que quiero yo es cambiar de cuenta NECESITO AYUDA PLS
  19. tios por favor agregen este juego por favor (guys please add this game please)
  20. tios por favor agregen este juego por favor (guys please add this game please)
  21. I love playing black ops 4 but my internet is bad ¿outfox will support black ops 4 in the future?
  22. Ya hice lo que me indico el amigo Pero en el numero 5 el link de descarga de el archivo WinDivert64.sys esta caido alguien me aria ese favor de pasarme un link activo tengo este problema y no lo e solucionado
  23. Hello, We suggest using the fastest server option to get the lowest ping possible for you. When you use the fastest server option, the Outfox app will determine if connecting with our server or using your ISP connection will result in the lowest ping. Regards,
  24. It is funny how scammy this company is.
  25. Hola quiero darme de baja de outfox de goldenfrog, cómo puedo hacerlo, estoy subscrito pero el servicio es defectuoso e inapreciable, gracias. Quiero cancelar mi suscripción
  26. R.I.P no servers close to alaska i get more ping by using this application
  27. lag

    Hello, company Outfox, good afternoon I hope you can respond to my request ... I really like your program, but how can you work in a game called Special Force 2? The truth is that the game is Filipino and I would like to reduce the delay, since from North America to the Philippines it is enough to please, I love it and it has been a month for me to pay. I would really like it if I could get it to take effect 2 https: //sf2.playpark. Com / en-mar / juego / nload.html Dow. Thank you very much I hope if you can approve my request you should try the game I would be very grateful if you would admit the game to outfox thank you very much !!!
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