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  2. Sorry for the trouble! Please make sure you are starting an actual online match in Destiny - Outfox won't recognize a game when you're in the game's menus, but when you start a match, Outfox should then recognize the game. If Outfox isn't recognizing Destiny even when you've started a game, then it's possible that some antivirus or firewall software are interfering with Outfox. Try disabling any security software, and see if that helps. If it does, then you should be able to configure the software so that it doesn't interfere with Outfox. If that doesn't help either, it can also help to fully uninstall and reinstall Outfox. If you're still having trouble with Outfox not recognizing Destiny, please get in touch with support -
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  4. Hello After trying multiple times it doesnt recognize the game why is that?
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  6. Como dije antes es un juego de origen ruso y dentro del mismo hay clanes, 9apps armas de todos los gustos y tiempos, arbol de habilidades.
  7. La fluctuación es un promedio del cambio en el ping a lo largo del tiempo o cómo fluctúa su puntuación de latencia. Es la variación en la latencia y es un problema porque hace que la experiencia sea impredecible. Los usuarios promedio de Internet comúnmente lo ignoran, pero para vidmate los jugadores en línea, especialmente los que juegan juegos de disparos multijugador, este problema es un gran problema.
  8. I hate explaining basic concepts to my friends when we just want to play games. It is hard to explain anything when both myself and my friends just want to relax by beating the life out of each other in a friendly video game Adding an easy connect between friends feature in addition to the outfox set of features.
  9. La estabilidad y la velocidad le permiten mejorar su rendimiento mientras vidmate juega y superar a la competencia.
  10. If try to use server located in Mexico city my ping does increase by 40%,which is strange.Considering that my isp is routing my traffic trough 29 hops.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Sorry to hear that Outfox didn't make an improvement to your games' connection quality. Please get in touch with support and we'll be glad to help out -
  12. I would like to get my money back. Because this application is useless because my internet connection is stable and works better than with the application.
  13. Hola, perdón por el problema que estás teniendo. No hay diferencia en cómo funciona el servicio, si la cuenta está en su período de prueba gratuito o si está completamente pagada. Puede ser útil desinstalar completamente y luego reinstalar la aplicación Outfox. Para mejorar la estabilidad general de su red, también puede ayudar reiniciar su equipo de red, como su módem y / o enrutador, si tiene acceso a él. Tenga en cuenta que es posible que Outfox no siempre pueda mejorar su conexión. A veces, su proveedor de Internet proporcionará una mejor conexión de forma predeterminada y, en esos casos, Outfox no iniciará ninguna conexión. Si tiene más preguntas o inquietudes, comuníquese con el servicio de asistencia:
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    Hey, sorry for the trouble! First, make sure you can log into your account here with the same email and password you're using in the Outfox app - If you can't log in there either, then you may need to reset your password - the link to do that is on the the sign-in page, right above the password field. If you find that you can log into the account on our website, but still can't log into the Outfox app, then it's possible that some antivirus or firewall is blocking the sign-in process. Try disabling that and see if you can log in. If that doesn't help, then please try uninstall and then reinstalling the Outfox app. And if you still have trouble logging in after that, please get in touch with support so we can take a closer look -
  15. singin

    i have problems to sing in in the pc application
  16. Cuando utilice La versión gratuita el ping oscilaba entre lo 70 a 80 de ping, el inconveniente viene a la hora de de cuando pase a la versión paga, donde el ping no es estable y no baja de los 86 a 98 de ping, debería mejorar a la hora de estar en la versión paga y no dar mas problema, por favor podrían ayudarme con una respuesta da lo que sucede, Gracias.
  17. Hi, I hope you add GGST and more fighting games.
  18. Please i would like to use the service, but i just play elder scrolls online
  19. All in the title , i just want to get knockout city in the list ? thanks
  20. Yeah me too
  21. same for me, and outfox doesnt help with it's 5 minute cutoff. Hopefully the issue fixes itself, or else I'm going to try other VPN softwares
  22. Since when did this problem occur for you? For me it started the night before the latest patch.
  23. I'd like to jump in and say this is the exact same issue for which I got outfox. Playing on the garena singapore server, and getting 180ms ping instead of the usual 65ms. On Outfox I have tried SG1/SG2 and the fastest Server. When using 'fastest server' Outfox connects to Taiwan for some reason, and I get about 120ms in-game. With the Singapore servers I get 65-70ms but like OP said, it disconnects right about 5 minutes, and everytime it reconnects, it works for 5 minutes thereafter.
  24. So I tried it on the North America Server as well and the same thing happened. Seems like it's the same for other servers as well.
  25. Ah, okay. Will get back to you
  26. You are probably right that you'd normally get the best ping on the Garena Singapore server. But just as a test, could you try on a non-Garena server in League to see if the issue is specific to the Garena servers?
  27. Garena servers are close to my location and I should get low ping but I'm getting high ping for which I downloaded Outfox. I'd be getting high ping in non-Garena servers ideally too, so to speak.
  28. Disabling the antivirus and firewall did nothing, same issue. I tried other servers on Garena too but the same thing happened, connection stops after 5 minutes. And non-Garena servers wouldn't do anything because they are far away from my location and Outfox wouldn't be able to do anything anyway.
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