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  4. I have one idea about to Get Free UC on PUBG Mobile Android Site, I can share that with if you want to know about that you can check here. Pubg Mobile UC
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  6. Hello folks contemplating whether anybody could give me some understanding on what could be going on with my apparatus. First of all heres what I'm running : Nvidia Rtx 2080 ti , 32gb RAM, I9-9900k and screen is 144hz QLED. I've seen that depending the game im playing I'm getting inconceivably various exhibitions from my framework. For instance : effectively run summit/cod on max setting at 144 fps however when I'm playing a game like The Door my framework can't deal with it. I've seen that with regards to non AAA titles my PC battles. Drivers are all upto date. Would it be able to be that the games aren't advanced appropriately for my framework ? In the event that anybody could get me around here it'd be incredible .
  7. Great article, but it would be nice if you added an example with navigation.
  8. There are lots of factors that determine ping so the fastest server for you on one day is not necessarily going to be consistent on another day. That's why we offer the Fastest Server option - this calculates the fastest route to the game server right when you're connecting to a match so you get the fastest connection possible.
  9. @aaronmwelborn Thanks for the suggestion! Glad you like the clean look, and I agree that some optionality around whether the window is minimized or not would be helpful. I'll make a note of it for our roadmap.
  10. I used to get 60 ping in Fortnite (Server: Tokyo, Japan) ,but now i get 260pings when i connect to Tokyo, Japan.
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  12. I understand that. However, when attempting to log in, and remaining stuck at the "loading" screen even after following your steps to restart the services, it means that I am paying for a service which I have no access to.
  13. @ricardocamposmatias9 Gracias por tu solicitud. Esto no está actualmente en nuestra lista para apoyar este año, ¡pero lo consideraremos para el futuro!
  14. Hi @timothyfinntf303. Glad to hear Outfox is helping you sometimes! There are many factors that go into improving gaming connection, and number of hops is just one of those factors. Think of us as Waze for gaming traffic. Sometimes a longer route may be faster if the shortest route is more congested. This is why we have the Fastest Server option, which calculates the many routes we have available to identify the fastest path. You can read a little more about this in this blog post:
  15. @zeck8541 Sorry to hear we were not able to resolve your issues. There are a lot of factors that go into routing game traffic and improving connection speed, and unfortunately, we can't control them all. That said, we're always making improvements to our app. Keep up on our updates through Discord ( and hopefully we'll see you again in the future!
  16. Followed the suggested steps to restart the app and close/restart services. Tired of it not working and tired of paying for an unstable app. Let me know when you develop an app that isn't so unstable and maybe I'll come back.
  17. Hi everyone, I did have to recently moved to Mexico city a looking for ways to improve my ping (cause Mexican ISPs are terrible).As wargaming wont let me to move my EU account to NA servers.Outfox does help sometimes but it always omegle xender connects me to server which is 4000km away.If try to use server located in Mexico city my ping does increase by 40%,which is strange.Considering that my isp is routing my traffic trough 29 hops.How come your private network is not helping?More distance should mean more improvement cause you have servers located near me and also near gaming servers.So i would except less hops and lower ping...
  18. Esta es la paguina oficial del juego que me gustaria que agregaran porfavor:
  19. Please add a new feature to start the application in the background only. I really like the clean look of the desktop, but your application is the only one that shows a window on startup. Please implement a new feature to startup the application in the notification tray only. The app doesn't even show relevant information when it starts so there is no need to show a window on startup.
  20. Right now the stage determination slacks while looking through melodies. I'll tab the following bolt and there is a .5+ second slack to look to the following melody. My FPS doesn't seem to drop. This is generally while looking through new melodies, as there is less slack when looking back through tunes, however now and then it occurs on tunes I have recently seen. It is humorous while doing Random/Roulette as it will look through a lot of melodies at that point slack for a second, at that point keep looking over, slack and rehash. There is no slack while playing the tunes, exactly while looking over. talktosonic Note the game is spare in convenient mode on a blaze drive, as I am going to move everything to an alternate PC that doesn't have network access in the long run. I trusting this is the issue, however I need to affirm in the event that others have this issue or know about an alternate arrangement.
  21. @nieremarkmarino Sorry to hear you are struggling with Outfox! I can assure you being a paid user does not affect the service in any way. There are lots of factors that can affect Outfox; I'd suggest contacting our support team via email or chat so they can walk you through specific troubleshooting steps. In your communication with them, it will help to include the game(s) you are playing when experiencing this issue:
  22. Nice Topic I have some installation issues but I reach on these posts and resolved my issues. Thanks for all the lovely suggestions.
  23. This app is a little bit frustrating as it only works about 50% of the time. Done with the trial and im a paid user already. (not sure if being paid affects the service) But here's the thing, i saw a previous thread here wherein you have to enter services.msc then restart/ turn off then start outfox. Then try to use the service again. But this time, it's getting harder and harder for the app to work. I honestly don't know what to do anymore.
  24. @leolelecosoares Please contact support through email or chat with your account information and they will walk you through troubleshooting steps.
  25. Hello, i am trying to login in the app for 3 hours, i already do everything you can imagine, but I still cannot login... i need help
  26. Thank you for the information and advice!
  27. I also would like to see GTA V added to the roster. It seems that my connection is pretty bat to the R* servers, probably around 100 ms if not more and with the last update blocked in my country a VPN would be double as useful.
  28. Great news for Rogue Company fans: Outfox now supports the game! Log in to your account and enter a match to get started:
  29. @matteorglolix Contact our support team through email or chat and they will be able to walk you through troubleshooting for this issue:
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