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  3. All in the title , i just want to get knockout city in the list ? thanks
  4. Yeah me too
  5. same for me, and outfox doesnt help with it's 5 minute cutoff. Hopefully the issue fixes itself, or else I'm going to try other VPN softwares
  6. Since when did this problem occur for you? For me it started the night before the latest patch.
  7. I'd like to jump in and say this is the exact same issue for which I got outfox. Playing on the garena singapore server, and getting 180ms ping instead of the usual 65ms. On Outfox I have tried SG1/SG2 and the fastest Server. When using 'fastest server' Outfox connects to Taiwan for some reason, and I get about 120ms in-game. With the Singapore servers I get 65-70ms but like OP said, it disconnects right about 5 minutes, and everytime it reconnects, it works for 5 minutes thereafter.
  8. So I tried it on the North America Server as well and the same thing happened. Seems like it's the same for other servers as well.
  9. Ah, okay. Will get back to you
  10. You are probably right that you'd normally get the best ping on the Garena Singapore server. But just as a test, could you try on a non-Garena server in League to see if the issue is specific to the Garena servers?
  11. Garena servers are close to my location and I should get low ping but I'm getting high ping for which I downloaded Outfox. I'd be getting high ping in non-Garena servers ideally too, so to speak.
  12. Disabling the antivirus and firewall did nothing, same issue. I tried other servers on Garena too but the same thing happened, connection stops after 5 minutes. And non-Garena servers wouldn't do anything because they are far away from my location and Outfox wouldn't be able to do anything anyway.
  13. That is strange for sure. If you disable any antivirus or firewall that might be running on the computer, does that make any sort of difference? Also, could you try on a different Garena server in League, as well as a non-Garena server in league if you can? I'm wondering if this might be specific to the Garena League servers or not.
  14. I tried almost everything. I tried specifying the server to Singapore 1 and 2, and then "Fastest Server" but the same issue persists. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that too doesn't seem to fix the problem. The connection stops at exactly 5th minute mark with a difference of few seconds, give or take as if there was a time limit of some sort.
  15. Hi, sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you specified either of the Singapore servers in the Outfox settings? And if you have, does it work any better if you change it back to the default setting of "Fastest Server"? The Fastest Server option should connect you to the best possible Outfox server, and we recommend using it in most cases. I hope that helps, let us know!
  16. I play league of legends on Garena (Singapore Server) and I recently started getting high ping - 180ms whereas I used to get 60 a week ago so I decided to try Outfox. I do not have a subscription and I'm using the free trial just to see if it really works. When I connect with outfox it gives me 65 ping for the first 5 minutes and works smoothly, But as soon as the connection timer hits the 5 minute mark, my game suddenly freezes and displays the message, "Attempting to reconnect". When I close the game and reopen it, the connection timer starts again and the same thing happens, works fine for till 5 minutes then suddenly stops working.
  17. Hey there, I've looked over your screenshot and reviewed the account on our end, and from everything I can see, your last payment was successful, the account is active and you will not be billed again until June 1st, which is one month after your recent payment. I think there might be some confusion with the way that dates are shown on our site vs the way that dates are shown on your computer. Dates showing in your account information on our website are in this format: MM/DD/YYYY While it appears that dates on your computer are shown in a different format: DD/MM/YYYY I think this might have contributed to the confusion. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply here or contact our support team -
  18. I already made a purchase today and it tells me that my plan expires tomorrow, why?
  19. Thanks for the post. I lodged a support ticket with Wargaming Asia this afternoon and they responded within a couple of hours with the following: -------------- Thank you for contacting Wargaming Player Support. I would like to inform you that there are no changes to prevent players from connecting to our servers. Unfortunately, we do not test connection stability using third-party software, that is why we probably will not be able to provide you assistance in this case. We only can recommend you await the response from Outfox developers. --------------- The support staff on chat suggested the forums but I pointed out most support threads were not helpful. Not many have actual solutions (other than 'try reinstalling') and replies to most of the posts were either "me too", or Outfox telling them to reinstall then create email support ticket, I normally use ISP routing and use Outfox when normal latency turns to crap for whatever reason. Today is the first time in a while I've really needed it and gutted to find out that I had renewed for another month less than 24 hrs ago.
  20. Don’t bother. They have no solution. I canceled it as they keep emailing you and ‘attempting’ to help. There is no help. They obviously don’t know why.
  21. I'm also having same issue. Can anyone advise whether they've contacted support? If so, and there is no solution available I'll just cancel Outfox. Thanks,
  22. Same issue here - the service is killing the connection
  23. Oye, lamento escuchar eso. Póngase en contacto con nuestro equipo de soporte, estaremos encantados de ayudarle:
  24. El asunto es que se me olvido cancelar la suscripción, y quiero un rembolso, ya que nunca ocupe Outfox no me funciono
  25. ¡Oye, perdón por las molestias! Pruebe los pasos aquí; es probable que estos pasos solucionen los problemas de inicio de sesión y carga: Si continúa teniendo problemas, comuníquese con nuestro equipo de soporte para que podamos echar un vistazo:
  26. sorry pero nop los de outfox no te van a mejorar el ping gratis sin poder recuperar el dinero seria perder dinero y tarde o temprano outfox desaparecería
  27. llevo usando outfox hace mas de 1 año, pero hace 1 semana solo tengo problemas, si me da el error de cant login o se queda cargando outox y no me mete a las partidas, que basura de aplicacion por la cual estoy pagando, arreglen estos errores son muy estresantes, no puedo jugar fornite porque va a 200 de ping y con outfox va a 50 de ping ¡arreglen estos errores!
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