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  4. Why is there not a "Remember Me" or a "Keep me logged in" function? The last thing i want to do is to have to input my full email and password every time i turn on my computer
  5. Hi I would like to submit a game network boost request for Final Fantasy XIV (official NA website: Its a MMORPG and its NA game servers are on the west coast of US so players on the east coast receive a pretty laggy connection (like over 150 pings or worse). Even wtfast can only be capable reducing the latency to around 140 ping so I am eager to seek a better boost service on it and I went here for ur guys' help. Best Regards
  6. Hello @dualhangout93 You can use Outfox to reduce your in-game ping. Unfortunately, we do not support the game Battleye. You can see the list of games we currently support at the following link: Regards,
  7. Okay this game seems to be dying on SEA region. I mean i get into gungame que in instant with only 5-6 players which keeps rotating to 10 > 8 >12 >6 and so on. It takes a whole 15 minute ON AVERAGE to actually start battle royale with 15-16 players ONLY. So i decided to connect to EU servers and well.. 50/50 matches in no time! But i actually get high ping (the delay is like 0.5 to 1 seconds on kill feeds and picking up items) so i can purchase a third party ping reducer like getoutfox to reduce ping and not be "chinese bhopper who is abusing ping". So fuck all that shit. I wont get banned by battleye or developers for using third party program right? Has anyone else used any kind of ping reducer on this game? i just want to play competitively without being ping abuser
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  9. Hi @Kayleigh Nope, no message or error at all. Only the standard screen, as if no game was launched at all with the message "Play any supported game to automatically start an Outfox session".
  10. Hello @w.vanrensbergen Does the app show "Outfox not used" or are you getting any other errors? The Outfox Not Used notification indicates the Outfox network was not used during your gaming session. When using the Fastest Server option to connect, Outfox completes a technical evaluation looking at factors including network congestion and ping time. It then determines if the Outfox network or your native internet connection is the fastest. If you see Outfox Not Used displayed, this means your standard internet connection was faster than the Outfox connection, so you were not connected to our network.
  11. Hi, I'm trying your product with Destiny 2. On first launch after installation it worked fine, but now, everytime I launch the game with Outfox opened, nothing happens, as if Outfox would not detect the game. I've tried restaring computer, re-launching Outfox and Destiny 2, re-installing Outfox, but still getting the issue so far. Any advice? Thanks! edit: It worked once again this morning, but it's not working anymore right now. For information, I've put computer in sleep mode between the 2 game sessions.
  12. I CHOOse Brazil coz i am in brazil but that ain't work, sorry
  13. Hey @felipecastelo5, To force Outfox you would go to the settings menu of Outfox and select the specific server location you need to connect to. Thanks!
  14. hi, i've read outfox won't work if my ISP ping is lower, the problem is that my ISP uses traffic shapping reducing the normal piing 180ms to 10ms. So basically outfox will never work since it does like 16ms. how to force it ? please
  15. Hello there, Today I thought it is a good day to share my awful experience with Outfox. I tried Outfox on PUBG and while it said that my ping was improved by 10%, it got even worse. Then I tried playing some League of Legends with it. 7% improvement but still it got worse. Then I thought that my location, Greece, is not so compatible with routing for EU servers and I thought playing LoL on NA. 12% improvement, 40% worse ping tho. The scam doesn't stop here. I used the product because I got sponsored to. I had a deal of producing 3 videos for this service 1 year ago but they guy with the name "Jordan Saucedo" never answered again after I delivered the videos. Then I contacted the first person that got in contact with me and sent me to Jordan, "Liz Kintzele" , who stopped responding after 2 messages that we exchanged about the issues. Thank you very much
  16. Hello @yihao3 Can you provide us with a screenshot of your Outfox session?
  17. it says outfox is used and my ping got improved for 7percent. but actually it got my ping worse
  18. Please add Battlefield V pleaseeeee
  19. BFV

    Please add Battlefield 5!!!
  20. hi , plz add fifa 19
  21. it seems like cod:bo4 uses different ports to run the game that outfox is triggering and crashing this game. do we have any update or hot fix to prevent this? i have to go into my start up and cancel outfox to avoid it loading in the backround.
  22. thank you @Derek This actually fixed the problem
  23. I write to make compatibility request with Arma 3! Please
  24. @tomwodi Hello! After reviewing our previous exchange. Please should ensure yourrouter isn't blocking any type of ICMP traffic and your firewall sofrware should not restrict that traffic either. You might need to disable router/software firewalls temporarily to diagnose. If these issues perists, please contact our Support Team and provide your Outfox logs so we can investigate further:
  25. I'm talking about "game server" not about "outfox server", and I will not explain the difference to you because it's not my job to know it. Unless you're telling me that by choosing the "outfox server" location the software will pick a "game server" close to it, and I doubt. But if so, it's still a terrible design, since the person can't use the "fastest server" tool when connecting to other regions game servers. The software is supposed to pick a game server automatically, and to start automatically. So by any means the user hands are tied. But when it does not work as it supposed to, and the person come here asking for a fix, all you have to say is "are you using the fastest server option"? Sorry but the "support" in this thread is nonexistant. I have said Outfox is not working two times already, and I all hear is "excuses" and "our software is perfect sir".
  26. @tomwodi Hello, I we understand you correctly you are using the Fastest server option. You can manually select a different server location by clicking Outfox settings. You can request we add more locations in our Outfox Forum. Regards
  27. There are many signs that says otherwise. First, the Brazilian game server refuses to connect. Second, the ping goes from 30 to average USA ping (90 - 150). The test that I show in the above file was done with the "fastest server" options. It does find the Brazilian OUTFOX server, but it refuses to connect in the Brazilian GAME server. My average ping is 20 - 30, I choose to use VPN not to decrease ping per se, but to improve route and avoid packet loss. But using Outfox my ping goes high, oddly enough it goes to the average ping that I would get in the USA game server, and it's saying in the software that it is trying to connect me to the USA game server, and the Brazilian game server refuses connection... So, sorry but I don't buy this. Also, how the software will know what server I want to play? What if I want to play with friends in other South America game server? How if today I want to play with friends in the NA game server or in the EU game server? How I will tell the software what server I want to join? Again, BAD DESIGN. You should let the person choose the game server it wants the software to improve connection, it is not supposed to be picked automatic. You guys should take a look at the best gaming VPNs around because it really seems to me the problem is a lack of experience in the gaming scene.
  28. Hello @joshcstringer Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Outfox. Unfortunately we would need to see your connection logs to properly troubleshoot the issue. Thank you for providing your feedback and we appreciate your interest in Outfox.
  29. Hello @tomwodi Outfox displays the Game Server based on where the server IP is registered, not where it's actually located. It's possible that the League of Legends Brazil server is located in Brazil but is registered in the US. Your connection should still be going to the Brazil game server. Within the game does it show that you're on the Brazil server? As for the performance issue, do you have the same problem when selecting "fastest server"?
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