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  6. Sorry, i don't see the answer of the staff, i just saw it, i'm so sorry
  7. Hello to everybody, i wan't to know if you're going to add Minecraft in a future, because i think that can be so beneficial to attract more users, and if the answer is yes, how many time can take this Thanks for the attention.
  8. Hey @mursejeff Thanks for reaching back out. We're happy to hear you were able to get Outfox to load. The reason you aren't seeing anything happen when you launch Tarkov is because that is currently not a supported game. You can find the list of our supported games, here: Additionally, if you wish to have this game be considered for future Outfox support, head over to our Features & Game Requests section of the forum. Best regards!
  9. Ok. I got it to load. I started Tarkov. The display on Outfox shows no improvement or any other setting. It is all just dashes.
  10. Hey @mursejeff Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Can you please try the following steps to help resolve this: 1. Restart the computer. 2. Restart the service: - Open Windows search or the Run prompt and type in: services.msc - Open the Services list and locate Outfox. - Click to highlight Outfox in the services list and choose the option to Stop the service. - Give it several seconds, then choose the option to Start the service. - Launch Outfox. 3. Reinstall the app. If you're still experiencing this issue after trying these steps, please send an email to with your Outfox log attached. You can locate the log in %ProgramData%\Golden Frog and GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log. Thanks!
  11. After downloading, Outfox has been "loading" for over 10 min.
  12. hello I wanted the brawlhalla game to be added to OUTFOX because in the brawlhalla game the ping goes up very quickly and that is annoying and you can't play quietly. help!
  13. Hola, Gracias por llegar a nosotros. Para garantizar que reciba la mejor conexión posible, le sugerimos que utilice la opción "Servidor más rápido" en la configuración de Outfox. Esto asegurará que Outfox use la mejor conexión posible para ayudar a reducir su ping y latencia.
  14. Alguien me podría ayudar en saber que servidor me conviene seleccionar si soy de México para mejorar mi ping?
  15. I want you to add these 2 games because they are old and ping is from outside Brazil, and I suffer from ping here in Brazil.
  16. Please add Crossout to support.
  17. Good night, can somebody tell me if you're going to implement Minecraft to your's game support, because can be so interesting, if you're going to do it, can you give me a date? Please, Because i wan't to check if OutFox really work, and i'm lossing my free days, or check days, thank you for the attention
  18. Greetings @edwardaugust303! Outfox is certainly no gimmick, we have designed Outfox to provide the best possible routing to whichever sever you are attempting to connect to in-game to ensure top performance, even if it is your own default routing! This information is actively monitored and reported within the application and generated within a end-game report informing you which connection was used and how the performance was effected. Feel free to give us a try as we offer a risk-free 14 day trial! OutFox
  19. I saw a few programs pop up as of recent which are meant to optimise your network for Gaming performance, 2 of the examples I was able to find and I can't see this improving too much for myself specifically as I have always had good ping on EU servers, I'm playing PUBG specifically & tbh I haven't actually looked at my ping much in the resource monitor as I've only just realised you can do that, but the game feels like it has a lot of network issues, hit reg & interpolation for example, can anyone with extensive knowledge inform me on whether these programs are a gimmick or something that might actually be worth a try? Thanks!
  20. Hello, iam a new comer to outfox and i want to thank you for the job you have done because it's really helped me to optimize my ping thank you anyway i hope you add a game called tanki online it's a MMO game exist on steam their servers are on netherland amsterdam so it's won't cause any problem and adding it would be easy and great
  21. Greetings @andrewachillesx Thank you so much for the praise, it means a lot to the team here at Outfox! Seeing you have exhausted nearly all basic troubleshooting steps, can we please have you submit your logs to our support teams so we can look into this and work towards resolving the issue?
  22. Got Outfox about three days ago, any worked fine day one. I love the interface and the real time updates, and my game (Fortnite) feels smoother on Outfox than using haste or other reducers. Yesterday, I got packet loss but restarted my pc and all was good again, but today i am getting non stop packet loss using outfox and nothing is seeming to fix it. I have tried every method of trouble shooting. Reinstalled Fortnite, reinstalled outfox, restarted my pc, router etc. This problem does not occur using haste or no ping reducer and is an Outfox problem. What can I do to fix this? I prefer Outfox most when it comes to ping reducers, and would like to keep using it.
  23. Hi All, will you support World of Warships in the near future? Regards,
  24. Is this exclusively for PC games only? Will it also work on mobile games like PUBG Mobile?
  25. Hey @laur0! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Right now, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is not supported by Outfox as our teams are currently in progress of implementing this! At this time, it is recommended that you keep OutFox closed when starting any game that is not on our supported list. You can find our Supported Game List Here!
  26. I installed the desktop application (outfox), and playing LoL just fine, no ping difference, BUT when I tried to open CoD Modern Warfare, it wouldn't open, so I closed the application, Game started, but kept crashing, I needed to uninstall the application so I could play the game properly. So it's a no for me.
  27. Please add PUBG Lite. I know that PUBG is available, but its Lite version is not available, if you could add PUBG Lite it would be great, I hope you add it very soon. Thanks. PUBG Lite website:
  28. Hey there, Outfox will only affect your Internet connection in the games that Outfox supports. If you leave Outfox open, and do other stuff on the Internet, or play games which aren't supported by Outfox, Outfox will not affect those connections in any way.
  29. If you did, did it improve or degrade your stream connection quality? Do you recommend it? And how do you get it to work if you're not playing the games on their automatic list? Thanks in advance
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