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  2. Does anyone know which is the best product among those listed on this site?
  3. Same. Lasted two minutes into my 14-day trial because ESO is not on the list and I found it odd for a VPN to offer improved latency connections to only specific games. Yes, I understand why it is easier to offer improved routing to a handful of known servers but I'm not going to pay for easy.
  4. since last month I started having the problem, after entering on the game around 20 minutes the Ethernet fail and show the error “ we hit a roadblock” , and I am sure it’s the outfox because when the game do it and close outfox the game do not pull me out.
  5. Hiya @joepeter3217, I'm sorry to hear you found that the Outfox application chose not to use the Outfox connection when it sounds like the Outfox connection would have provided better performance. Could you provide us a screenshot of the Outfox application after a match showing the performance graph and information? We look forward to this so we can help out further!
  6. Hello, as I'm sure the technical people know, UE4 has easy integration with Amazon AWS (basically their servers). Most UE4 games make use of these servers, PUBG and Fortnite are the most notable examples. When selecting a region in game, it allows you to connect to these regions (duh), however each region has a subset of servers available to them. For instance EU has France, Germany, UK, and Ireland. The distance between these servers is negligible, but still important, in the US that's a different story. NAE has Ohio and Virginia, which are seperated by about 500 miles. NAW has Cali and Oregon. Once again also separated by a pretty big amount of distance. So for me, from WI, I get a difference of 30-40ms depending on whether or not I connect to Ohio or Virginia. In a game like Fortnite which is extremely latency sensitive, that's a really big deal. Unfortunately it almost always puts me on the VA servers even though I want to be on OH.
  7. In a game of league and I see that the outfox connection wasn't used. But after the game, when I check the session details, if outfox had been used there would have been a 60% increase in my ping. If that's the case why wasn't the outfox connection used?
  8. You can check PureVPN they do have South African Servers
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  10. Hello guys, I just need help, does use this service get vac bans or is it fully safe,mobdro
  11. How does street fighter 5 work? It shows no current session even though i launched the game and logged in to servers.uc browser shareit appvn
  12. Hey @billimausi11, Thank's for posting today! I understand that you're seeing a discrepancy in your ping times. This is expected behavior as we calculate the ping to the game servers differently than how the game developers calculate their in game ping. Our blog post below goes in to more detail about this process. In regards to is it actually doing anything, well that depends. During the start of the match, Outfox performs tests to determine, at that moment, which connection would be better and chooses to enable or not based on the results. If you see "Outfox Connection: In Use", then you're using our path to the game server for that match. Should you see "Outfox Connection: Not Used", then we were not able to provide a better connection than your ISPs to the game server for that match. Thanks!
  13. So basically my ping in game and the ping reported in the client when playing LoL is totally different. Outfox is reporting about 200 ping but the game is reporting 260+. Is it actually doing what it's supposed to do?
  14. I saw a few programs pop up as of recent which are meant to optimise your network for Gaming performance, 2 of the examples I was able to find are Outfox & Haste, I can't see this improving too much for myself specifically as I have always had good ping on EU servers, I'm playing PUBG specifically & tbh I haven't actually looked at my ping much in the resource monitor as I've only just realised you can do that, but the game feels like it has a lot of network issues, hit reg & interpolation for example, can anyone with extensive knowledge inform me on whether these programs are a gimmick or something that might actually be worth a try?nox vidmate mobdro
  15. pleasse add factorio to the list
  16. Oye @matiasrojascomas1 Lamento escuchar sobre el problema allí. Puede intentar instalar y / o reparar 2015, luego intente instalar Outfox nuevamente.
  17. No me deja instalar el juego por un error de VC2015 1638, como puedo solucionarlo??
  18. Hi, thanks for any advice here! I recently had my home burgled and am slowly rebuying consoles/computers/'s also prompted me to convert to digital only media and I'm hoping that now if I buy some digital copies of the games that were stolen I can play my save files... but am not sure if this can work?
  19. So I'm trying to update a game but it's telling me I don't have enough space, says I need 5gb more, so I delete 5gb, still won't download. I've heard you need to size of the game plus the update to download but I have 44gb of free space and the game is only 28gb. Is something wrong, is there anywah to bypass this?
  20. Okay, so first off i'm very interested in purchasing a subscription. However, i need to get some things cleared up before i make that decision. Why is my connection "in use" when there is a -100% improvement? This does not happen all of the time, but in the short time i've used this program it happens frankly too often. Also, i stream using Streamlabs Studio and have noticed that Outfox actually kicks on more often when i'm streaming at 1080p 60fps at 6000 upstream on Twitch. Is there a reason for this? I genuinely believe this program could benefit my cause, i just need to understand more about it and how to optomize my PC to get the most out of it. And also, i have a 300 down 30 up service if that info helps any. And also for the record i'm using "fastest connection possible"
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  23. Hi, I am in Brisbane, Australia and am connecting to South East Asia (Singapore) Servers. With outfox my ping is ~120ms, without its over 350. This is great, my ISP must have really international links. I've noticed that the outfox connection gets established when joining a match, after clicking 'start' at the main menu, and after the game decides what region it's going to put me on. Here's the problem: as the Matchmaking traffic is NOT routed through outfox, the game priorities North America with pings of around 250. As there is no more server selection anymore i can't force the game to connect me to SEA servers. If i play DUO with a buddy, his internet will result in the matchmaking choosing SEA, however as a SOLO I end up in NA every time. Is it possible to add an option to force the matchmaking traffic through the outfox connection too? This would be great for me if possible. Thanks!
  24. Hello @ExtremussPrime Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the service. If you wish to not troubleshoot, please contact our support team to have your account canceled: Thanks!
  25. Is there any way to remove payment method? Also, my account will expire in 3 months and I do not want to continue my subscription, since this software haven't helped me once, it made it worse actually. My doubt is if it will resubscribe automatically when my subscription ends.
  26. Hey @zxdlaix, We are glad to read that Outfox is now working for you! If you ever have another issue with Outfox, don't hesitate to let us know. You can always reach our 24/7 Support Team at Best Regards, Samuel Outfox Customer Support Team Manager
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