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  2. OK. will send my LOG files... uploading now
  3. Hello @kaharudin30 We're sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue with Outfox. We'd like to take a look into this issue further with you. Can you reach out to our support team at and provide us with your log files? Kind regards,
  4. Normally, when i play PUBG steam outfox will auto run connection for server i chose, but now nothing hapen.... noting connected to server. so i play without outfox now. it happen about 1 week ago until i write this thread. my subscription is still alive, reinstall outfox not fix the problem, outfox services on windows checked up and running. but still...not connected as normally is this just me or any people having this issues ?
  5. Hola, Para ver el mayor beneficio, recomendamos seleccionar un servidor más cercano a usted o más cercano a la región del servidor del juego. También puede utilizar la opción Servidor más rápido para permitir que Outfox seleccione automáticamente el mejor servidor para usted. La selección más rápida del servidor se basa en una evaluación técnica que incluye congestión de red y tiempo de ping. El algoritmo del servidor más rápido también considera la conexión a Internet estándar como una opción. Saludos,
  6. Cuando juego con outfox se me sube los ms a 123 pero sin el me va a 30 ms Y juego en Lima, Perú
  7. Last week
  8. plz add Battlefield 5 to the outfox it will be great
  9. Hey @shettigarroshni432 Glad to hear that is working well for you, and always nice to hear from our customers. If you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to contact us at any time. Regards,
  10. Hi there, I'm a stream and a player in Smite and I have tested for about 30 minutes, I received this application today in my mail, so far its really worked for me. I usually get average ~100 ping and with this application I was getting in between 70 and some. I'll tested more and I post my feedback again, until then, good games all!
  11. Yes unfortunately. But I already knew that. I was wondering If you will?
  12. Hello, Unfortunately, we do not support Apex Legends with Outfox. You can view the list of games we support at Regards,
  13. Would you be able to Optimize Apex Legends. I have Haste and they offer support for it but I get disconnected just before starting the game. If it be their at fault. Haste has been more consistent via the last update but. The Main Apex servers I use is Iowa 1-4. My ping generally ranges from 38-56, depending on the day. Usually -0 package loss but occasional spikes. My hosting network service provider is Currently: CenturyLink.In Twin Cities, Mn.
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  15. Hey @lotishaqiri73 We've been seeing some emails and websites appear trying to pose as Outfox. However, at this time there isn't much we are able to do. But we are reviewing our options on how to best approach situations such as these. At this time, all we can advise is be mindful of the names and websites that they are promoting as some of these websites may try to convince you to download something that may be harmful to your computer. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns! Best regards,
  16. Hi @Jack M thank you so much for the reply! Yeah I noticed that too and I sent them another email and this is their response.Please help me to figure this out!
  17. Hey @lotishaqiri73 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I noticed that they claim to be with "Outfoxen" which is not associated with us. So there is a good chance that this is a Spam email and should be disregarded. Thanks again!
  18. Im a YouTuber and I receive this email from this guy saying he works for Outfox and he is the PR manager.I would love to promote Outfox on my videos but just responding to emails to this guy he seems a bit sketchy so I wanted to make sure this is legit and real before I do something stupid and get my channel hacked or something. I dont want to offend the company or this gentlemen,Im just worried about the wellbeing of my YouTube channel which Ive growing for years,hope you understand. Im only posting this because I have received a lot of emails of people pretending to be a brand and trying to scam me so Im just making sure everything is alright before I proceed!
  19. Ok i will try using your livechat service :
  20. Hello @chiesatonaka77, Thanks for reaching out to us on this. We're sorry to hear about this issue you're experiencing. Unfortunately, we aren't able to view the Dropbox link to review your logs. But since you've already tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and you've attempted to restart your service, then at this time, I'd like to have you reach out to our support team at and provide a description of this issue, the logs, and screenshots of the CPU usage. We will be able to assist you further there.
  21. as title described it is annoying bugs, reinstalling doesnt help, restarting outfox service also will make issue back in 10 minutes. also since this forum doesnt allow attach log file so i have to upload it to other file hosting.
  22. Invite link invalid
  23. Awesome thanks for the fast response and help this seems to have fixed the issue. Ill be sure to keep using your service Ive tried all the ping reducer services I could and outfox is the best by far. Have a good day
  24. Hey @lucastokash647 Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with that. If you are wanting Outfox to be used every time you are using it to make sure that you can get the lowest possible ping in game, change from using the Fastest Server in the options to the nearest location to the servers you are playing on at that moment. Doing this will force the connection to use Outfox instead of the app determining which connection to use. If issues persist please feel free to contact our support here with the email associated with your account: Regards,
  25. Hi Ive been using Outfox on League of Legends for the past month or so and it has been bringing my ping down from 120 to about 80, but every other game outfox says it doesnt use it servers because they would not improve the ping even though when I log out and log back into outfox it connects to the servers and it brings the ping down from 120 to 80 proving that connecting would improve the ping and outfox is just not connecting to its servers for no reason. Is there anyway to disable the feature where outfox disables itself? If not could you please try to add a feature for this because this happens very often, thank you.
  26. The fastest serve to choose the server far away from the local area and often bug the game somehow cause disconnection same with League
  27. Ok. I got it to load.
  28. No admitimos Mac o Linux en este momento, pero podemos considerar la compatibilidad con esas plataformas en el futuro. mybkexperience
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