Forum Code of Conduct

Rule #1: be excellent to each other!

Welcome to the Outfox official forums. We strive to make this an inclusive and constructive place for discussion about Outfox and related game topics. To maintain a productive and welcoming environment, the Terms of Service and following rules must be followed in all forms of communication on the forum, including private messages. 

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Please follow these guidelines when posting:

  • Place your discussion in the proper section of the forums or it may be moved
  • Don't post the same content in multiple threads or forum sections
  • Make sure your reply is relevant to the existing discussion of a thread
  • Don't post in ALL CAPS

The following are prohibited on the Outfox forums and will result in editing/removal of your post and/or moderation against your account:

  1. Insults or harassment against community members or Outfox staff
  2. Disparagement of an individual or group of people based upon religion, gender, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation
  3. Personal information such as email, real name, address or password
  4. Profanity and excessive vulgarity are not allowed on the forums
  5. Spam such as repetitive content or posts with no meaningful content
  6. Discussions of politics, religion or of a graphic violent/sexual nature are not allowed
  7. Impersonation of a Outfox employee or partner
  8. Promotion or linking to exploits, cheating programs, piracy or illegal activity
  9. Posting of links that violate any of the above rules

Posts on the forums that are in violation of this Code of Conduct are subject to moderation actions including editing/deleting of posts/threads, warning points or permanent ban of forum accounts. Repeated violation of the rules that result in an accumulation of 5 warning points will result in a permanent forum ban.

Moderation will be at the sole discretion of Outfox staff. All members must abide by staff instructions. Posts created to dispute moderator actions will be removed and further action taken against the poster's account. Any member who sees a post that violates the Code of Conduct should use the "Report" feature to alert the moderators. Those who report will not be notified of any actions taken against the reported post or account.

This Code of Conduct is subject to be updated at any time. Any questions about these rules should be directed to