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    I use a 32-bit OS (Windows 7 Thin PC) and when I tried to install Outfox it said I need a 64-bit OS to run Outfox. Would appreciate a new version of Outfox.
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    @Chupa Cabra Thanks for the input! 32-bit Windows support is on our roadmap, but will not likely be a feature for the beta release. While it's less common to see 32-bit gaming machines, we recognize the need to make Outfox 32-bit compatible for those running things like thin client PCs and such. Stay tuned!
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    With the new launch with Halo Reach on PC the severs tend to lagy to a point of being unplayable, adding halo reach would be huge help to those who have this problem. Its a very popular game and i think if it was compatible on here it would bring a lot more people to this app who are in need for a server helper, plz take this into consideration for the next game to be added
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    please add Mumbai Servers
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    Please add Roblox
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    When will Warface BR be supported by OutFox? Warface BR is one of the best games of CRYTEK LEVELUP with the unbelievable graphics please give a chance to this top fps game, so I ask "When will it be supported?"
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