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    Hello, Thanks for your question. While Outfox is relatively new, the network that Outfox is built around is very robust, and has been around long before Outfox was ever thought of. Outfox is made by Golden Frog, who also makes VyprVPN, and Outfox uses the same global network that's been built and optimized over the years for VyprVPN. As for whether or not Outfox will outperform WTFast in any particular game is very difficult to say. It depends entirely on whether or not our network can provide a better route between you and a game's servers than WTFast can. The only real way to find this out is to test both Outfox and WTFast in the same game and see how they both perform. I would guess that Outfox would outperform WTFast in most cases, but I can't be completely sure. Services like Outfox and WTFast are also rather situational. Let's take a particular game for example, like PUBG. It's likely that Outfox has a better connection between your particular location and the PUBG servers than WTFast does. But it's also possible that WTFast's network is laid out in such a way that they might have a better route to PUBG. And then, at the same time, even if WTFast does outperform Outfox for PUBG in your particular area, it's entirely possible that Outfox will work better than WTFast for a other games, whose servers might be in different locations. It has a lot to do with where you're located, where the game's servers are located, and the layout of the network. The only way to really determine what will work best for you is to try it out. We can't guarantee that it'll work better than WTFast for the particular games you're playing, but we're confident that in most cases it does. We offer a 14-day free trial so new customers can try the service out before paying for it. Let me know if there is anything I can clarify or if you have any other questions!
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    PUBG LITE Should Also Be Supported
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