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    @Chupa Cabra Thanks for the input! 32-bit Windows support is on our roadmap, but will not likely be a feature for the beta release. While it's less common to see 32-bit gaming machines, we recognize the need to make Outfox 32-bit compatible for those running things like thin client PCs and such. Stay tuned!
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    In Outfox beta, we discovered a bug (in large part thanks to our awesome users ) related to AVG and Avast antivirus programs that causes a BSOD when a game is launched while Outfox is open. In rare cases, ESET antivirus may also be affected. Our devs are working on fixing this issue for future releases, but in the meantime you can follow the simple steps below to solve the problem. 1. Fully disable any web filtering features of Avast, AVG, or ESET antivirus. This crash seems specific to that feature. If that doesn't work, fully disable the entire antivirus program. 2. Launch your game with Outfox open and voilà! No more BSOD! Now, we don't want you going unprotected online, so it'd be recommended to choose another free antivirus program or re-enable your antivirus ASAP when your session is over. We expect to fix this problem soon, as our dev team has identified a fix, but until then you can use Outfox with that simple workaround if you want! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@getoutfox.com. Also, here's the main thread related to the issue for further reading:
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    Before you post on the Outfox forums, it's important that you choose a display name that will appear next to your posts. To choose a display name, click on your profile image in the top right and go to Account Settings. Then, in the Account Settings screen, click on Display Name. Choose a display name and click Save.
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    This has been my first Session in trial phase. Cant really say if i have improvements, seems like ever before. Any thoughts on this?
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    Hola buenas, estaria muy bien que outfox se implementara en gerfoce now, ya que todavia no esta bien configurado y outfox lo podreia arreglar completamente agregando en compatible, al menos fortnite en geforce now
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    Normally, when i play PUBG steam outfox will auto run connection for server i chose, but now nothing hapen.... noting connected to server. so i play without outfox now. it happen about 1 week ago until i write this thread. my subscription is still alive, reinstall outfox not fix the problem, outfox services on windows checked up and running. but still...not connected as normally is this just me or any people having this issues ?
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    OK. will send my LOG files... uploading now
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    Hello @kaharudin30 We're sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue with Outfox. We'd like to take a look into this issue further with you. Can you reach out to our support team at https://www.getoutfox.com/support and provide us with your log files? https://www.getoutfox.com/support#how-do-i-find-my-log-files Kind regards,
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    I want you to add these 2 games because they are old and ping is from outside Brazil, and I suffer from ping here in Brazil.
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    If you launch Outfox and you see an error that states: Service Error - Initial connection with service failed OR Connection with service lost, there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve it. Firstly, this error occurs in rare cases when the UI falls out of sync with the Outfox service that runs on Windows. The service allows Outfox to do it's thing with game traffic, and it's controlled by the UI you log into and interact with. This can happen for few reasons, but usually it's because the service hasn't been started or there was a conflict when trying to start the service. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the error: 1. The simplest solution is sometimes the best. Restart your computer. 2. Reinstall the application. You can download it again if you need to by clicking here. 3. Attempt to restart the service. Open Windows search or the Run prompt and type in: services.msc Open the Services list and locate Outfox Click to highlight Outfox in the services list and choose the option to Stop the service Give it several seconds to stop, then choose the option to Start the service. Launch Outfox 4. If you're still experiencing the error, it may be due to a C++ redistributable conflict on the machine. Try installing the Microsoft C++ redistributable packages from the following links: 2015 C++ Redistributable Download (install both x64 and x86) 2012 C++ Redistributable Download (install both x64 and x86) If those do not work and you have the 2017 C++ redistributable file(s) installed on your machine (check Programs & Features list in the Control Panel), you should ensure they are updated by downloading and installing the latest from here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads 5. Check to see if you have a file called WinDivert64.sys in the Outfox install directory. Typically this will be in: C:\Program Files\Outfox (or wherever you chose to install Outfox, if not the default directory) If you do not see a file called WinDivert64.sys in the Outfox install folder, it may have been deleted due to an install or uninstall of the program where the machine was not restarted when prompted. In this case, click here to download the file (unzip it) and then place it in the Outfox folder. After that, repeat step 3 above to manually start the service. 6. Finally, make sure Windows is up to date, licensed, and activated. Some Windows machines may be missing a security update from 2015 that can cause persistent service errors. Specifically, this update is KB3033929. Please note: It is possible that illegitimate versions of Windows may have issues, including missing security updates, that cause the service error to occur. Naturally, we cannot assist with issues stemming from unlicensed software and strongly encourage the use of fully licensed and legitimate versions of Windows 7. Well darn. You've come this far and it's still happening?! Don't fret! Go ahead and grab your log files and send them to our support team so they can assist. Click here for info on how to find your log files. You can then contact the team by starting a live chat on our website, or emailing support@getoutfox.com.
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    Contributions to the Outfox forum community are rewarded in two ways, ranks and reputation. Ranks are based upon the number of posts you make. 1st Rank: Gray Fox, 1-10 posts 2nd Rank: Red Fox, 11-100 posts 3rd Rank: Swift Fox, 101-200 posts 4th Rank: Arctic Fox, 201-500 posts 5th Rank: Fennec Fox, 501+ posts (Unlocks ability to give yourself a custom title!) Reputation is based upon the number of "likes" your posts receive. 1st Level: Clever, 1-50 points 2nd Level: Sly, 51-200 points 3rd Level: Cunning, 201-400 points 4th Level: Quick, 401-700 points 5th Level: Legendary, 701+ points
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    Instructions for identifying in-game latency will vary, depending on the game you are playing. Locate your game below to find applicable instructions. League of Legends: To find in-game latency in League of Legends: Choose to play a regular game or play a tutorial or bot game - any of these options is effective for testing in-game latency. Note: There are no IP/XP rewards for bot games but you can leave without penalty. The in-game latency is displayed in the upper right hand corner. Overwatch: To find the in-game latency in Overwatch: Enable Display Performance Stats. The default keybind to toggle Display Performance Stats in-game is CTRL+SHIFT+R. This can also be toggled on/off in the Options menu. Once Display Performance Stats is enabled, there will be information displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. The value PNG is the in-game ping. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: To find the in-game latency in Counter-Strike, you will need to enable the Network Graph in the developer console. From the main screen, click Options. Click Game Settings. Set the Enable Developer Console option to Yes. Under Options, select Keyboard/Mouse settings. Bind a key (preferably an unused key such as ~) to the entry for Toggle Console. From the main screen, hit the Toggle Console key and then type "net_graph 1." Hit enter. The Network Graph will now be shown in game, with the ping displayed on the top line.
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