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    I use a 32-bit OS (Windows 7 Thin PC) and when I tried to install Outfox it said I need a 64-bit OS to run Outfox. Would appreciate a new version of Outfox.
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    I think apex legends it's going to be the most played game in 2019 and the game its pretty good right now has much more players than fortnite Will outfox support this game?
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    @Chupa Cabra Thanks for the input! 32-bit Windows support is on our roadmap, but will not likely be a feature for the beta release. While it's less common to see 32-bit gaming machines, we recognize the need to make Outfox 32-bit compatible for those running things like thin client PCs and such. Stay tuned!
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    Please add Roblox
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    I use outfox to play Fortnite and League of legends, but i also play BFV, Apex and Pubg, and i get high ping, like 150,, when i use outfox in fornite i go from 150 to 60, i wish that you guys could have these games too, it's so hard to play with high ping
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    mhmm... ok maybe it will be good for my skill injectors
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    We're always looking to add new games and we appreciate your interest in bringing this game to Outfox! We will definitely pass the word along to the appropriate department! We also advise posting your suggestions in the Features & Game Requests forum for more visibility with our developers! https://www.getoutfox.com/forum/index.php?/forum/5-feature-game-requests/
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