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  1. Hi! I'm considering giving this a try and I was wondering what the server locations are so far? I mainly play Overwatch and I occasionally like to play on West Coast servers and Korean Servers so I would need a server in Seoul as well as LA. Further more, are there deals or similar things where I can get both Outfox and vypr since I'm also looking for a general purpose VPN on top of Gaming? Currently I already have a VPN that works wonders for connecting to LA servers however they don't offer much for asian servers and it's also not gaming specific. Thanks for your time and effort.
  2. Thank you! I ended up trying it and I could connect to both LA and Seoul with minimal issues. My ping to LA is actually about the same as my ping to the OW server for mid US of 55-60ms on a 200/15mbit internet connection. My ping for Korea was about 180-200MS which is to be expected. When not using Outfox you automatically connect to a different server in Asia and the ping is about the same. 180-200ms so I would say that it delivers in terms of connecting to specific servers. However when trying to use the "fastest server" option my ping skyrocketed to 120ms so to get this software to work properly I think you need to connect to a server located in the same city as the game server. I do have to point out that I did get odd lag spikes where I would experience a half a second of rubberbanding randomly while playing. Also. I tried it for one day and now I can't login anymore. I just get "Login failed, please try again" over and over