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  1. Thanks, u guys did ur best, i guess i'll just play on my other account really appreciate your guys support and help. =)
  2. Okay, so switched to another account on my pc and worked, is there any way i could play it on my main account or know what the issue is from Thanks,
  3. can't load in (stuck at the lobby)
  4. do i send them the notepad itself? or whats inside
  5. yoyo Done both, unfortunately it still doesn't work.
  6. No it doesn't. Nope i don't Fastest Server (Automatic) Nope i haven't btw, it sends me to the lobby after waiting for 30 secs on the loading screen
  7. Hello i'm glad that outfox makes my ping stable and 20 less, but the only problem is that sometimes actually most of the time i don't connect to the game (Smite) as in i'm stuck at the loading frame then back to lobby i go, hopefully there's an answer to it. Thank you.