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  1. But, I think, when my network connection drop both of graph's lines will drop (it had happened before the situation we are discussing now). I was playing League of Legends and I guess I was playing with Outfox's server (because like you said my average ping times over the Outfox connection). When the gray dotted line dropped for few seconds, although green line didn't drop I was AFK for few seconds too.
  2. In my case one of two servers was stopped to work (0 ms) and OUTFOX changed my current server instantly and I was AFK about 10 sec. If you can fix that OUTFOX can wait to see what will happen with second server and if this second server isn't down (0 ms) then change servers. I am sorry for my bad English, but I hope that u can understand what I mean. There is screenshot for this I hope that you can fix that to improve OUTFOX.