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  1. I have replied follow up emails to the support ticket. Looking forward for your response!
  2. Hi! Thank you for your response! I have sent the logs on the mentioned email No. No. I have tried different servers and it has worsened the latency issue instead of helping it. If it would help, I'm in the Philippines.
  3. Hi! I tried using the trial version of the outfox and play Heroes of the Storm. I chose the fastest server option. Sometimes, when it uses the outfox connection the graph would show a flat line on 0 ms. In-game, I dont notice any difference with or without outfox. I'd like to know what I should do as well as where to send the logs if needed. Here are my pc specs Win 10 64 bit Intel i5 6200u AMD radeon r5 m330 4 gig ram