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  1. Thanks for the reply. Just to be clear, are you saying that at least some form of partial reimbursement will be offered if I cancel my 1-year subscription early? For example, if I cancel after 3 months, maybe I would be charged the standard monthly $6.99/mo for the 3 months I used the service before canceling. Hopefully with a reasonable additional early-termination fee tacked on. I just don't want to use the service for 3 months, and later decide I don't need it anymore, and be out the full $60 I paid. You mention that I can upgrade to the full year plan after a week of using the standard monthly plan. What if I used the monthly plan for about 3 months? Would I be able to upgrade to the yearly plan, resulting in me essentially paying for a 9-month term (at a rate of about $5/mo, based on the $60/year plan)?
  2. The USD $60/year plan seems like the best deal, but what happens if I decide I don't want/need the service before the 1-year term is up? Is there an early cancellation fee? Or, do I pay the prorated difference in price for however many months I used the service, at the standard $10/mo price? Also, I would greatly appreciate smaller term commitment plans (e.g., 6-month plans), as it's common to change one's mind as to how much one needs this service after a few weeks of use.
  3. I'm also extremely curious as to how and why Outfox works as it does. My best understanding is that Outfox is just a proxy, with a focus on low latency and geographic server diversity. Theoretically, it should work for any game, even peer-to-peer games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty. I guess another poster made a good point that GoldenFrog doesn't want you to abuse their servers and use them for streaming, downloading files, browsing the web, etc. I'm guessing there are also privacy concerns, since OutFox proxies aren't encrypted like a typical VPN? Nonetheless, I wish and hope GoldenFrog will offer some sort of solution for console gamers in the future. I've already used their non-gaming VyprVPN service through my DD-WRT router and played PS4 games on that, but the lag was pretty bad.