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  1. ok. waiting for your info. Thank you.
  2. I'm using fastest server cuz its supposed to be the best option. Didnt try other servers.
  3. I get error in game that says cant connect to server. If I turn off Outfox then I can connect and play. So without Outfox I can connect and play, with Outfox I cant connect.
  4. that page led me to forums and I'm already asking you for support. Looking at forums shows that you probably have a problem on your end as people report problems with many games lately. So are you working on a solution?
  5. Doesnt work with rainbow six siege any more.
  6. thanks for the answer. I thought I was on fastest server but when I checked the settings you were right. Will stay on fastest server option.
  7. servers are both in germany: many times I get improvement, but this time, this is the worst ping ever.