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  1. I will keep an eye on this. I might try going through the Overwatch log files to see if I can find something helpful. Also, it is possible that Overwatch uses different ports for the voice traffic. I remember that I had to open some specific ports listed on Blizzard's support page on a friend's router to have voice chat work on his PC; while the game server ports I usually see on the game's netgraph are completely different from those. So that could also be a potential cause.
  2. @Nick Hi, I can't specifically remember something like that happening to me while using Outfox, sorry. Connection to my PC is completely wired, but I can't completely dismiss the possibility that it may be caused by poor network conditions; maybe someone else on my WiFi hogging bandwidth can cause this? Overwatch competitive matches can last a while, but quick play matches are usually less than 10 minutes. So I don't think your discovery from the log shows anything unusual. BTW, I would like to know how you guys are handling the voice comm traffic? Is it still going through your servers?
  3. @Nick Hi, I've tried using the Fastest Server option for the last couple of sessions, but unfortunately, it's not yielding good results for me. Outfox determines that Hong Kong is the best server for me, which clearly isn't correct, because I get higher latency than what I get when I'm playing without Outfox. And yes, voice chat works as intended when I'm not using Outfox.
  4. I'm using a specific server, namely, "Singapore, SG". Here's my log file:
  5. First, I'd like to say that I really really love Outfox. I play Overwatch with it, and it really does improve my latency. Recently, some of my friends, who I group up with, reported that they can't hear me over (the in game) voice chat when I'm using Outfox. So I tried to investigate. What I discovered was this: I can successfully join the group/team chat channels when I try. Then for the first 1-2 minutes I can hear and talk to people in the voice channel. But after a while, I can't hear anyone (and no one can hear me.) The game shows that I'm connected to the voice channel but there's no audio. If I disconnect from the voice channel and rejoin, it starts working for the next 1-ish minutes again. Hope you guys can fix this bug. Let me know if you guys need logs or something.
  6. What I meant was, it should log me in even after a fresh boot if I chose to use the feature.
  7. Well, the title is pretty self explanatory. It'd be great to have the option to just log in automatically.