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  1. Hi @justins I already emailed the log you are looking for. Like what you've said that i will contact the getoutfox support team. Please look what i emailed to them thank you,
  2. Hello @justins I'm still looking for the logs.
  3. @Keegan Iloveyour Rig so good specially the your GPU looks great.
  4. Hello @Keegan I already did that I'm running on dota 2 but, still the application doesn't worked. Is it possible that the application do not support the newest update of windows 10? The fall creator update? I hope it will help you and the rest of your team to determine the problem. Please see again below image for more information about my system. Thank you,
  5. Hi Admin, Why the client cannot detect any games. Im running on Dota2 i already did the uninstall or and reboot then install nothing happens. please see below image Hope you can help me. thank you,