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  1. Overwatch is really the only game I care about because it's matchmaking is so terrible. In order to get the right game servers you want you must be tunneled to the right region from the first connection that Overwatch makes. Outfox isn't handling this properly at all. With my server set to either Los Angeles or Los Angeles-2 I get put in the wrong Overwatch games, suggesting that the connection isn't always working properly, and the map reloads several times before I am finally greeted with 350ms ping. One upside of whatever you guys are doing is that you can kill Outfox and the ping will correct itself without being disconnected. The tech shows some promise, being able to hot-swap servers sounds really useful, but unfortunately its currently unusable. It would also be great if we can set the server selection per-game. The service I currently use doesn't have this either and nothing is more frustrating than having being connected to the wrong server and not realizing it in time.