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  1. Hey again I decided to take a look my self on the log file and found out that each time I get lag spike it's because Outfox is sending CURL requests to every Outfox server here is an example: So what i did in order to fix this I simply added all of the api.X.gfpnet.com to the windows hosts file except for the api.gfpnet.com and the belguim server which I use api.crl.gfpnet.com And lag spikes are gone as I said before sending all this CURL requests in a short amount of time saturated my poor 4Mbits ADSL internet. Now both of the VoIP and the tunnelling work fine.
  2. I use mainly Outfox to unblock the voice chat so I can communicate in Rainbow Six siege since my ISP block the SIP port I can't send receive voip data which vivox use. Outfox causing me to have lag spike and sometimes getting kicked from the match because of high random ping spikes so I stopped using it. I decided to give it a try again and do some investigation why theses ping spikes happens since only GPN that unblock voice chat that I know is Outfox. I suspected it's because of my low internet bandwidth I only have 4MB/s with a very limited upload speed(old ADSL that's the best thing we have here), so I tried monitoring my network bandwidth usage using Netlimiter. When playing and at the moment I get lag spikes I notice that Outfox service is sucking up some of my internet bandwidth see the picture bellow. Dual monitor screenshot showing both activity in game ping and internet usage at same time https://imgur.com/a/IPqe7 When my ping is normal the service don't use internet bandwidth at all, so what I did after starting and connecting to the game I block outfox from using internet bandwidth, this will block the Outfox statistics from showing and stop outfox tunnelling the game through the GPNb, so I assume this high bandwidth usage is for collecting data and showing them in Electron maybe also sending them to you for logs? I get it this is because my internet suck and someone that have better internet bandwidth will not notice any lag spike, but for me it made outfox not usable so maybe think about fixing this. I can use outfox now to only unblock the voice chat but my game traffic is still tunnelled through my normal network and I have to unblock connect to the game and block again each time I launch the game.
  3. If I don't pick up a server outfox will use my normal internet instead. I lose automatic best server selection like this.