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  1. I was mistaken.. Im sorry.. There was anti viruses that take up everything in my computer. I will look up on installing OutFox again thank you.
  2. I am using the fastest server option, still makes my ping higher.. it arose from 125 to an astonishing 1354 ping... I downloaded outfox to see if it actually decreases my 125 ping but no.. it doesnt work.. uninstalled. I check to see if its running in background, its not, i get a steady 125 ping.. this doesnt work..
  3. Im starting to doubt that this works, it does support League Of Legends, and its running in the background, but it doesnt work.... When I play League, I get a playable 125 ms, believe it or not. But it only increased it... I check the outfox application and the improvment is -57%... I am really dissapointed as I lost plenty of games, and time... This doesnt work for me.. I dont know why.. I dont have any viruses... I have a wireless internet connection... I am from Hawaii.