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  1. I have 20 Mbps Internet speed. My ISP is Globe Broadband (ISP here in the Philippines)
  2. No problems with the game ping wise, but would love to see this on your software. Happy gaming!
  3. So payment date due came, but I don't have the money at the moment. Can I pay later? Thanks.
  4. I forgot the error, I think it was the "Oh no, but contact customer support" error. But my payment information is already there, so is it ready for payment after trial? Okay. So is it good to go after trial ends?
  5. I live in the Philippines and I'm currently using a virtual visa credit card (Paymaya) to try and make my payment, but I get an error afterwards after clicking "Buy Now". What can I do to fix this? I'm confused do I have to purchase it after my trial to make it work? PS: I have the exact amount needed to pay in my credit card (Philippine Peso to USD)
  6. I play Fortnite here in the Philippines, I usually get 200+ ping whenever I play, but now as you can see it's a huge difference. Goodjob, Outfox Team! Hoping to see more good results and much lower than 87 ping soon. Maybe add a good server in the Philippines? For a good route and lower ping.
  7. Thanks for the helpful information and fast reply. This software actually helped me here in Asia, from 200 ish ping to 88 ping, it's a huge difference.
  8. I know it says it supports the game directly, I just wanna make sure that whenver I use this software that I will not get banned. So is this safe?