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  1. Hola quiero darme de baja de outfox de goldenfrog, cómo puedo hacerlo, estoy subscrito pero el servicio es defectuoso e inapreciable, gracias. Quiero cancelar mi suscripción
  2. I went into the page you say, but not as it is done, l do not understand much of computers hope you help me better or cancel the account, your job is to make it work and help the customer, it is not good to give an information and I do your job.
  3. I live in spain and I already use the fastest server and also new york and frankfurt, the time I'm connected with good ping lasts half an hour later does not work
  4. I have the outfox to play D2, but it only works half an hour maximum, I want a solution now! I'm paying for a service that I do not have. my connection is fine, my computer is good, it is simply outfox that does not work.