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  1. Nevermind! Its back to normal since yesterday. It is kinda fixed. Thank you guys tho.
  2. Everytime when I opened the Outfox application, it will work perfectly fine for a few games then after that, the problem occurs again. I found a temporarily fix which is go on services on my computer and restart the outfox app service, and everything goes back to normal.
  3. @Logan Oh I am sorry I didnt mention it was fortnite. With overwatch, I cant seems to get into a game sometimes but when i close outfox, everything worked perfectly fine. Sorry for the late reply .
  4. Hi Outfox team, I recently just got introduced to this program and I decided to request a free trial, right after downloaded, I tried and it worked perfectly fine. The next day i decided to use it again but whenever i open outfox, I cant seems to connect to the game server, It just says "your connection to the host has been lost". It happened for overwatch too.