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  1. Should I post them here or send you an email with my case along with the logs?
  2. I do that, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to launch games. I don't even have a north american account. Outfox sets the game server to los angeles when I enter a game on eu west, and sets the game server to ireland when I enter a game on eu nordic, in both cases I failed to connect to the games. (after champion select is over.) I can connect to games normally with outfox off, but I want to try if outfox could help with reducing my ping, but this isn't helping. : P
  3. Hello. I play league of legends on EUW and EUNE. Using outfox's connection routes my connection through london, which makes sense, but then it has the game server set to los angeles (where league's NA server is located) and thus, I cannot connect to my EU games. Manually choosing amsterdam produces the same result. Is there any way I can change settings so outfox connects to league's EU servers? Or is it programmed exclusively for NA league? Thank you in advance.