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  1. The worse thing about private servers is discoverability. There is no way for random people to find you so it ends up just you and your friends, which you might as well just place on a PVE server
  2. Yeah, the definitely sucks. That's a huge problem with cross server transfers, and one that is honestly what made me stop playing the game.
  3. This will be an interesting next month if they can keep their sale prices high. IMO, this gives older players big leg up because the barrier to entry is higher now that it was in the past so there will probably be less people picking it up.
  4. You might look for someone selling an ark account if you want to pick it up cheap to try. I know most of the people in my clan made a second and third account for grinding and I know a few of them will probably get rid of them if they haven't already.
  5. It's because they are releasing the final product (non Early Access) on August 8th with all new fresh servers. There will probably be a huge push for people that didn't want to purchase an early access game. I played since the beginning (1500 hrs logged) and it's definitely closer to a triple A game than an indie game. That being said, they have completely destroyed the original gameplay from the original design. I am not sure how many new players they think they are going to get, but if you aren't in a clan by now and haven't played a bit, on release day, you will lost and probably wiped by the large clans. Cross server transfers force you to be in a clan and no longer solo play on a server which is going to create a really high entry barrier for new players.
  6. Glad you guys started supporting this! Seeing about 35ms ping on most games which is pretty good.
  7. If you are still having the issue xellasubs and haven't restarted, that might help. You can also check your Task Manager and ensure that the Outfox background process is running. I couldn't login when I had shut down that process manually.
  8. @Keegan Got the email blast and actually played a few games the other day with Outfox. I was getting 35 ms response times which is pretty good IMO. Need to do a side to side comparison soon, but overall, it's pretty awesome!
  9. Awesome. Thanks!
  10. @Nick Forgot to put ATTN: Nick, but I resent it. Sorry about that.
  11. @Nick Sent the email. You can PM me or email me back.
  12. Please create a Bug Report Board so we can create threads for bug's that we find. That being said. First bug I would like to report is that when closing Outfox, there is a) an Outfox thread / exe still running and b) when you end task of that Outfox thread / exe, outfox will no longer start back up. It fails to connect to the internet
  13. Awesome!
  14. It would be nice to just minimize to the taskbar when you hit the close button (e.g. discord, steam, etc)
  15. Could you scan the IPs of the game servers to get a geolocation and then route the Outfox connection to the nearest server location? After that, you can let the steam handshake and P2P connections continue as normal. The downside is you might have to do this pre match join. I would assume Value / Steam is doing some intelligent routing so if you know the server locations (east / mid / west) you might be able to just route to one and let Value / Steam do the rest of the work.