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  1. overwatch

    So I tried your suggestion and the issue still persists, I will disconnect, reconnect, disconnect, reconnect for the first 30 secs of every Overwatch match, after that it will work fine, also, previously I used to see no packet loss/jitter symbols in OW, now I do using Outfox. The ping is better so I'd love to keep using Outfox, but it just seems more buggy inconsistent of late.
  2. overwatch

    What was the resolution to this problem? I occasionally deal with a similar issue even while forcing the best server manually, Outfox is almost always a small improvement due to the optimized routing so I'd love continue my usage with all minor bugs resolved. Fyi, I have to use the manual option, because outfox will 50% of the time think its not the best server w/ fastest server option, even though it almost 99.99% of the time is always better. I already have a fantastic connection, its just the routing from Outfox is even better. Basically I can go from 35-38 ping (no outfox) to 30-33 (w Outfox.) It seems to be an issue with how Overwatch initially determines which server to place you on. The only real solution I've managed to find is actually logging on and waiting a minute or so before starting any game, in this instance, it doesn't do the issue the original poster mentioned above.