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  1. It is funny how scammy this company is.
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  3. Hello there, Today I thought it is a good day to share my awful experience with Outfox. I tried Outfox on PUBG and while it said that my ping was improved by 10%, it got even worse. Then I tried playing some League of Legends with it. 7% improvement but still it got worse. Then I thought that my location, Greece, is not so compatible with routing for EU servers and I thought playing LoL on NA. 12% improvement, 40% worse ping tho. The scam doesn't stop here. I used the product because I got sponsored to. I had a deal of producing 3 videos for this service 1 year ago but they guy with the name "Jordan Saucedo" never answered again after I delivered the videos. Then I contacted the first person that got in contact with me and sent me to Jordan, "Liz Kintzele" , who stopped responding after 2 messages that we exchanged about the issues. Thank you very much