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  1. Okay this game seems to be dying on SEA region. I mean i get into gungame que in instant with only 5-6 players which keeps rotating to 10 > 8 >12 >6 and so on. It takes a whole 15 minute ON AVERAGE to actually start battle royale with 15-16 players ONLY. So i decided to connect to EU servers and well.. 50/50 matches in no time! But i actually get high ping (the delay is like 0.5 to 1 seconds on kill feeds and picking up items) so i can purchase a third party ping reducer like getoutfox to reduce ping and not be "chinese bhopper who is abusing ping". So fuck all that shit. I wont get banned by battleye or developers for using third party program right? Has anyone else used any kind of ping reducer on this game? i just want to play competitively without being ping abuser