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  1. Also the second Outfox supports Battlefield 4 and/or Arma 3, and I see that it does improve my latency I will buy and support it like this: (I know Outfox is still free, I want to emphasize how much those 2 games mean to me,)
  2. Thank you very much! That was very informative and extensive. To be honest I wasn't expecting to receive that much attention Is there anything that we "the users" can do to help?
  3. I meant to activate it to use it just for gaming but yes that is very true. I hadn't thought about that people would abuse it. Plus it's free right now because it's in beta. It can't stay free because the quality will drop faster than a wrestler drops from the ropes with a dropkick. Can you think of a way around it? To be able to just activate Outfox without specific games, but prevent people from abusing it?
  4. Hi, I live in the Middle East, with 8 Mega Bit down, 1 Mega Bit up speed. And I guess you can imagine the quality of the internet infrastructure around here and the clogging of the routs. But even then I have never gotten above 7% packet loss or ping above 300ms. Are you sure you don't have this kind of packet loss outside of the game? Your ISP should have a comprehensive statistics chart regarding packet loss, it would be helpful to ask them for the statistics (if they're honest about it).
  5. Hi Let me explain. Popular games like "Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Arma 3, Rainbox Six Siege" have private dedicated servers so people can setup their own servers or rent other servers. So the server addresses are not the same all the time for these games. So why is it that Outfox can only be activated when a certain game is active? I don't think you can make a routing table with all the game's online servers in there because there are thousands of servers and they are changing. Furthermore most online servers are located in Europe and US. Now my problem is that I live in the Middle East. I want to play Arma 3 & Battlefield 4. The best servers I can find for those games are in Germany which even then my latency is too high and I get kicked from the game in 2 minutes. The closest place for VPN companies to set up servers to my location is Dubai (because of politics). If Outfox could be activated without the need to launch a specific game (e.g. Battlefield 1 which I don't play), it could tunnel me from Dubai to Europe and easily decrease my ping for a game I play (e.g. Battlefield 4) without the need to setup support for that specific game. Is it not possible to have a button to just turn on Outfox and select a location like Europe and have the VPN be active all the time? Thank you for reading all that (If you did)
  6. Please support Arma 3.