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  1. I have tested outfox with tow games PUBG and Rainbow 6 Siege. PUBG was running well with outfox yesterday. I m from North India and Outfox select Singapore SG-2 with the fastest way. PUBG:- Yesterday, PUBG was running smoothly with Outfox( Singapore SG-2) server and I was getting 120ms ping and I played 5 to 6 matches. now I m getting network lag detected in PUBG. it is like I lose connection and it never connects me to PUBG game session because or maybe PUBG works on IP address. so I never join same game room after network lag detected. Rainbow 6 Siege. every time outfox never connect me to a closet or faster game server. if I start R6S without outfox, I get to connect to R6S Singapore game server but when I start R6S with outfox and outfox select Singapore SG-2 as outfox server and it selects random R6S game server. outfox never select R6S Singapore server. I don't know why but plz look at this problem.