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  1. Bump
  2. Tibia needs proxy/gpn/vpn the most and there is biggest demand on it !!
  3. Ive seen Mudfish/ Wtfast /Battleping/Pingzapper supporting many servers of Tibia. Tibians use proxy a lot .
  4. When are you planning to reach Wtfast/Mudfish level. Since from what ive seen your service (Outfox) works the same way as these 2.
  5. Imho you should make servers for games with biggest playerbase instead of asking here which game to support. You can ask people who play these games where to locate servers ( or tracert route to host ). If you locate ur servers in the same physical location as games you host itll be best.
  6. Im happy user of Outfox ( even tho it doesnt change my ping it makes game much more stable which is what i aim for the most). Sometimes between games in LOL , program wont detect new game. So the solution is to restart Outfox and Lol.
  7. I can see difference in "server selection" becouse before it took amsterdam while frankfurt gave best resutls . Now after i reinstalled program as admin ( you should say to all that it helps) i see it chose the right server. Good job i hope you start support for Tibia soon since many ppl use proxies in this game. And please add servers in Poland becouse we have terrible packet routing in europe. My ping with Outfox is same or worse at best but my goal is to get stability and no packet loss so please add some servers in Poland.
  8. If you wish to add Tibia you could consider adding OVH France (company with dedicated clouds/servers) most servers are hosted there.
  9. Tibia (OTS + RL Tibia) is probably more known then League Of legends in most countries. Its an old game but still around 40k people play it per day. Every vpn/proxy ive seen was designed for Tibia . In my opinion Tibia players are the ones who use vpns/proxies the most (in %) out of any gamers . So please take a look at this game since every tunel already supports it. Regards.