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  1. Interesting, you're a software engineer and administrator of this company? Then you're either lying or you should know that what connects to the end-point sees absolutely no difference between a VPN or any other proxy service. The data being encrypted between you and the VPN provider is completely isolated from the outgoing data after that point, and entirely irrelevant to this discussion, you're just hand-waving. Outfox indeed behaves exactly like a VPN service, and you should be ashamed for misleading people in a field where people are already uneducated as it is. But Outfox is clearly fraudulent, so you wouldn't care about that, eh? Your entire business model is based on theory, you literally founded a business because theoretically if you know enough variables, you can get a faster route by more-or-less forcing a different route (Outfox does this by proxying your connection through their servers, not a near latency-free redirect, as you're implying). That's not a model to create a sustainable business on, that's a model for a scam.