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  1. Okay, so first off i'm very interested in purchasing a subscription. However, i need to get some things cleared up before i make that decision. Why is my connection "in use" when there is a -100% improvement? This does not happen all of the time, but in the short time i've used this program it happens frankly too often. Also, i stream using Streamlabs Studio and have noticed that Outfox actually kicks on more often when i'm streaming at 1080p 60fps at 6000 upstream on Twitch. Is there a reason for this? I genuinely believe this program could benefit my cause, i just need to understand more about it and how to optomize my PC to get the most out of it. And also, i have a 300 down 30 up service if that info helps any. And also for the record i'm using "fastest connection possible"