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  1. I dont know how official the support is, or if I'm getting myself in trouble here. But I have four gaming PCs set up on my network. I am able to get them all going with my login. They are all coming out of the same public IP and they are all owned by me so I dont know how they feel about it.
  2. I've been gaming heavily since the late 80's. Every 5/10 years you tend to see a huge momentum shift in what is popular. The formula is almost always the same, an all time great game that perfects what previous games in the genre had been doing. WoW did it to EQ, CoD MW did it to BF2, LoL did it to og DotA, and now you have PUBG doing it to Battle Royale/King of the Kill. All of those games went on to long term sucess with a loyal following. The only problem is they are the apex of the genre. No matter how many games were proclaimed to be the WoW killer, none have come close to their numbers. No matter how much money was thrown at the MMO genre none could ever replicate the sucess. Same with MOBAs. At one point it seemed every major dev team had a moba in the works, none come close to LoL or Dota. I think it would be great to see a big publisher put a spin on the BR genre. I'm just a bit skeptical given the track record. I'd wager PUBG will continue to be the standard, no matter how much money gets thrown at the genre.
  3. I'm unable to login to Outfox if I have even so much as opened VyprVPN. The 'Standard' connection problem so far has not been repeatable. I was just overwhelemed with multiple issues at the time and was under the assumption they were all related. If I find a way to repeat the 'standard' connection problem I will be sure to update this post. Thank you for all your help sorting out my issues.
  4. I'm running a fully updated Windows 10. Outfox does get stuck at the spinning, "Logging In" screen. From what I can tell this only happens if I had used Outfox or VyprVPN previously. It is reliably repeatable. I have VyprVPN booting at login on all my machines and once I stopped that I was able to login once without problem. All other logins required a restart. I will try restarting the service from here on out. As far as my second problem goes, where I was only able to login to one game and then it reverted to 'standard' connection, I can only assume it did not realize my match was finished. Having watched the screen for my other games, outfox acknowledges when a session is finished. This one time it had not and I was not able to connect to the VPN after that. Is there are reliable way to reconnect to the VPN if it did not natively recognize that my play session had finished? Should I attempt to restart the service? Thank you for the help! I have emailed my log file as requested.
  5. So I recently learned you guys added PUBG. The only way I was able to play pubg before was to use your VyprVPN client to connect. Not sure why but it reliably worked. I was able to download and login to Outfox earlier this morning. What an amazing experience! My lag was nonexistent, and the game ran much smoother on my end. Outfox was working flawlessly. I ended up installing it on my other two machines that guests use when they visit. When I came back to my primary machine to log back in, the software hangs. I restarted my machine and was able to login again. However this time I connected to one game, everything went fine, then it switched to a 'Standard' Connection type and I was no longer able to play. It appeared the VPN part of the software was no longer working. I restarted my machine and it hung at login. I restarted my machine and the problem persists. Not sure where to go from here. My login hangs on my other two machines as well. I love the software and realize it is still in beta so if there's anything I can do to help the process along please let me know. Thanks