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  1. Hola, Saenzbalientemirko, te pido disculpas por los problemas que tienes al iniciar sesión. Parece ser un problema que se debe escalar a un ticket. ¡Crea un ticket enviando un correo electrónico a nuestros equipos de soporte aquí!
  2. Hola, Yazminflavia, te pido disculpas por los problemas que tienes al iniciar sesión. Parece ser un problema que se debe escalar a un ticket. ¡Crea un ticket enviando un correo electrónico a nuestros equipos de soporte aquí!
  3. I would love to see Battlefield 5 supported as well, our teams are strongly considering this title and hope to have an updated supported game list soon!
  4. Hey Sunnylord, at this time Steamlink is not supported. I do like the idea of this being supported and am hopeful it will be considered in the future!
  5. The suggestion is appreciated, I cannot say that it cannot be done but want to say supporting custom routes for private servers would be a large task for our development teams at this time. I hope you still find that your trial is going well and encourage you to use it as you please to ensure Outfox is for you I hope to see this title supported in the future as well!
  6. Hey Brianreid52! Sorry that Outfox caused you to be disconnected from a ranked match. This should not be the case and is very uncommon when it comes down to it. I would like to suggest that you use the 'Fastest Server' option. If you have experienced issues under this setting, please select the closest geographically located server. While performing this testing be sure to do it while in non-ranked matches and of different game modes as well. Let us know how this turns out!
  7. Sorry you are having issues logging into the Outfox client, please contact us here -
  8. When it comes to rubberbanding in games due to ping spikes and low bandwidth programs like Outfox & WTFast can help alleviate these issues by rerouting your connection (if your current connection can benefit from it). So this means that these services are not 'snake oil' or scams what-so-ever. I challenge you, if you have not already, to utilize the free trial given with new Outfox signups and see if you can benefit from such services and make your own judgement call
  9. That is an awesome idea! Including ads in the Outfox window would generate revenue for our teams to obtain more servers for better service and is something that is being considered for trial users. We appreciate the feedback and look forward to any others you may have!
  10. Hey! Sorry for the trouble you had experienced, Just wanted to shine some light on this and get some insight while our support teams work on your ticket. Have you begun a match in CS:GO with Outfox running? Based on the design of Outfox, it will automatically begin a connection when DOTA 2 is running regardless of a match being in session or not while in CS:GO it will require Match Making to be in progress in order to establish a connection. Hope to hear back from you soon!
  11. I'm sorry you are having these issues staying signed in, Outfox is designed to automatically keep you signed in after you have logged in once and exited Outfox normally (Closing the Outfox window by clicking the 'X' and selecting the 'Exit' option when prompted. I highly suggest that after you sign in to immediately close the Outfox window as described and relaunch Outfox. If it still prompts you to enter your credentials I suggest that you uninstall Outfox and reinstall Hopefully this will resolve the issue but if you do find yourself still having this issue contact our support teams
  12. These are some great suggestions, I particularly like the thought of having an integrated ping test within Outfox! Server changing while in-game will be a bit more complex since we maintain a per-session stance on game traffic (meaning we don't disconnect and reconnect you mid-session causing an IP change) so you are not at risk of being banned from your game. Thanks for your feedback!
  13. I've spent too much time playing SW: OR and still enjoy it regardless of it's age, though this being said I am hesitant to say I could see this being supported. If this gains more support then we might have something to work with
  14. I will pass this along to our dev teams and add this to the pool of games being considered! Thanks for your suggestion!
  15. Personally, when it comes to PC gaming I feel it to be way better off now than it was, lets say ten years ago! There's just so much you can do with a PC vs. a console and the best thing is; backwards compatibility! Older games usually last longer, even as new versions of Windows gets released. Overall the consoles will always be playing catch up to PC and it's just a better investment. With a budget of ~$800 you could walk away with a decent PC and it will perform as well, if not better, as an Xbox/PS4. Think about it like this; would you rather spend $600 every around every 6 years on a new graphics card (high-mid/High end) and continue to use all the benefits of a full PC or the same amount on a console that is severely limited in functionality compared? Bottom line, PC will always win in my book