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  1. ¡Saludos! ¡Gracias por considerar Outfox! En este momento, Outfox es compatible con PC con Windows. No admitimos Mac o Linux en este momento, pero podemos considerar la compatibilidad con esas plataformas en el futuro.
  2. Hey nightwingfireanddice! Thanks for the update on the situation, may I suggest that you reinstall Outfox and see if the issue persist. If it does; we have exhausted all troubleshooting steps we can provide here on the forums, please contact our support team at Ker Blam, Johnny - Outfox CS L2
  3. Greetings darethedevil16, My apologies for our team failing to respond in a timely manner, due to the complexity of this issue we will need to dig a lot deeper than what we can here on these forums. Can you please contact our support teams and submit your logs to our support teams Thanks a lot for your ongoing patience with this issue.
  4. Hey Dauntiing! Which game are you having this happen with? Looking forward to hearing back from you so we can get this resolved
  5. ¡Hola Alcafo! Lo sentimos, tienes problemas con tu ping, ¿estás viendo esto reflejado en Outfox o en el juego? ¿Podrías proporcionarnos algunas capturas de pantalla de los informes finales de Outfox?
  6. Please reach out to our support teams Smithclarkson001 so they may better assist you
  7. Pido disculpas porque no puedo encontrar la información de su cuenta en los foros, comuníquese con nuestros equipos de soporte por chat o correo electrónico
  8. In order to uninstall Outfox from your Mac simply view all apps in finder, drag and drop the Outfox icon into your recycle bin.
  9. Thanks for the screenshot! Based on this, it appears that Outfox is functioning as designed; During the session your default ISP routing was the best/fastest so Outfox backboned to it. Outfox--nor any program cannot always provide the best routing, you can see in the report that if Outfox had been used you should have had a decrease in performance and a substantially increased ping for that server. Due to Outfox not having an optimized path to the server you may see spikes much like the 1K that you had seen but keep in mind that your session is not effected. You may see better performance with different server and Outfox may even have better routing for them and will automatically activate. If you do see the ping spike much how you have seen while the Outfox connect had been active please contact our support teams so we can take a indepth look at the issue.
  10. Awesome choice on the case, I'm a huge fan of Corsair products specifically their cases within the Obsidian series! Considering the new series of nVidia cards are about to be released and have a significant upgrade in performance from the RTX 20 series there should be an expected price drop once they release. Considering that I would say go for a 2070/80 or if you can wait, a 2080TI. From personal experience gaming in 2k (1440p) I use a 2080TI and have no problem on most games (maxed) given they are optimized. You should be overkilling with any GFX card as the more powerful it is the longer it will be useful. Continuing on is that you should definitively invest in the RTX 20 series due to the substantial vram increase from the previous series!
  11. Hey Calami! Sorry you are having issues with your ping, are you seeing this reflected within Outfox or in-game? Could you provide some screenshots of the end-game reports from Outfox?
  12. Hey Warriorplayz! Are you able to enter and complete a match while playing Fornite with Outfox running? I would like to make sure as Outfox will only attempt beginning a session once you enter Match Making. Please let us know the results after you test this out!
  13. You should wait for the new iPads to hit the market so the old (newer) versions get a price drop. If you are capping out your capacity of your current iPad I would suggest getting the next step up from it. The reason being is when the storage becomes within ~15% free space left the performance will tank (fall) as some storage space is used as RAM, similar to paging on HDDs and SSDs. Doing so will prolong the life span on the iPad that you will get so long as you don't completely use all the storage. Bottom line; iPads are kind of cheap when you compare them to laptops, particularly the mini's. I'd say go for the upgrade after the release of the new lineup and keep an eye on pricing!
  14. Hola, Saenzbalientemirko, te pido disculpas por los problemas que tienes al iniciar sesión. Parece ser un problema que se debe escalar a un ticket. ¡Crea un ticket enviando un correo electrónico a nuestros equipos de soporte aquí!
  15. Hola, Yazminflavia, te pido disculpas por los problemas que tienes al iniciar sesión. Parece ser un problema que se debe escalar a un ticket. ¡Crea un ticket enviando un correo electrónico a nuestros equipos de soporte aquí!