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  1. Hey guys,I am new to this subreddit... and need your help. A year ago, I finally built my first gaming PC, but because of high prices of RAM and GPU at the time, I didn't buy a GPU because I didn't have money for it.Now, I will be getting my tax returns, and figured it was finally time to bite the bullet. I have a MSI B360-A PRO motherboard, i5 8400, 8 gb of RAM (will be getting a stick of another 8 gb soon) and Corsair 200R case. I have been using a shitty old MSI AMD R7 370 OC until now as a stopgap from my old PC, and I really need an upgrade. The thing I wanted to ask about is - should I go for 1660 ti, 2060 or 2070?I am currently gaming in 1080p, and if I do upgrade my monitor in coming years, I will certainly be going for 1440p one. So basically I would like to know if it's not an overkill to go for 2070 (or a used 1080 ti) for a setup like this. I want to play at 75 fps, and don't mind turning off some settings to achieve higher FPS in 1440p (I turn off a lot either way, like DoF, Motion Blur and other stuff). edit: one thing I want to mention - prices in my country are a little bit higher than in the US. 1660 ti goes for around 350 USD, 2060 goes for 440 USD on the cheaper side, 2070 goes for 570 on the cheaper side.