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  1. Hi, my Internet connection is very low, usually my ping is high and it's really frustrated for me. I download outfox and I'll try to use it but pls tell me firts how to synchronize Outfox with Rocket League? Every day I buy and sell crates, items, wheels and everything you can trade in Rocket League. I mainly buy and sell Rocket League items. Does Outfox affect the security of transactions? Will I still be able to safely sell Rocket League Crates? I'll be grateful for your help Edit: I also have a second type of question, namely the use of Outfox during trading. I know that I can synchronize Outfox to Rocket League during the game, probably also while in the menu with the other player. As I wrote, I want to use Outfox also when I sell and buy items and crates. Is it possible? So I brew tea and open my favorite book, in it I can see Wheels, Body, Rocket Boost and Crates, including I can buy Zephyr Crate, Elevation Crate, Victory Crate and many other Rocket League Crates, basically is available and ready to sell each Crate which was only created for Rocket League. The most valuable Crates are the ones that contain the most valuable Rocket League items. You can buy Rocket League items such as Titanium White Zomba and Samurai Body and Fire God and Cockroach :-)
  2. I'm often in areas with terrible routing to gameservers, so I've used a similar tool named "WTFast" to get more stable/reduced latency in-game. Besides outfox being obviously superior to the awful design/marketing choices by WTFast, should we expect outfox to outperform WTFast? I'm concerned that this kind of product relies on having a well built global infrastructure supporting it. Since outfox is currently *new*, I feel like it won't yet have this infrastructure?