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  1. Hey @zxdlaix, We are glad to read that Outfox is now working for you! If you ever have another issue with Outfox, don't hesitate to let us know. You can always reach our 24/7 Support Team at Best Regards, Samuel Outfox Customer Support Team Manager
  2. Hey @saltyapo-apoo, I have now received your log files. I will continue to troubleshoot with you via your support ticket. Thank you for your understanding! Best Regards, Samuel Outfox Support
  3. Hello @saltyapo-apoo, Thank you for providing the requested screenshot! Have you had a chance to send the logs to us at Additionally, I'd like to know if you are experiencing this same behavior when you choose the Oregon server itself instead of using Fastest Server option. Do you? You can switch the server from within the Outfox Settings menu. Also, does this happen every time you use the Fastest Server option? And does the Fastest Server option always select our Oregon server? And lastly, is the Oregon server the only server in which you experience this issue with? Samuel Outfox Support
  4. Hello, Sorry to see that you are unable to login to Outfox due to receiving this error. I have created you a support ticket (#1733) for this issue so that we can further investigate the matter. You should have received an email from requesting additional information around this issue. Please reply to that email and continue to work with our Support Team via email to troubleshoot this issue. Once a resolution has been reached, feel free to return to this forum post and update it to let other members of the community know what resolved this issue for you. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. Samuel Outfox Support
  5. Hey @Exile, Sorry to read that you are having trouble installing Outfox due to the installer failing when trying to install the 2015 C++ Redistributables. Please install these files independently using the link below: After installing the 2015 C++ Redistributables, restart your computer and, after it restarts, attempt installing Outfox again. Let us know if you have any further problems. Samuel Outfox Support